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Genshin Impact: Xiao Gets Scale Figure By APEX in September 2022

In commemoration of the 2nd anniversary of Genshin Impact, HoYoverse introduced a new scale figure for one of the playable characters in Genshin Impact , namely Xiao. In collaboration with APEX TOYS, the Xiao scale figure has opened the pre-order period this September.

On September 16, 2022, through the official Twitter account, APEX TOYS showed the detailed shape of the 1/7 scale Xiao figure. They also announced that pre-orders had started on September 17, 2022. With the following tweet:

“From the popular game “Genshin Impact”, Vigilant Yaksha, who looked after Liyue, has now become a figure created by APEX-TOYS! Dharma Protector Yaksha Pre-orders start on September 17th!”

The Xiao figure scale itself will be released in June 2023 and is priced at CNY 999 (USD 143) or around IDR 2.2 Million. As reported on the website , the Xiao Figure has the following specifications:

  • Product Name: Xiao Dharma Protector Yaksha Ver.1/7 Figure Scale.
  • Product Specifications: The standard 1/7 scale comes with a dedicated platform.
  • Product Size: Length 280mm, Width 280mm, Height 270mm.
  • Product Material: PVC & ABS
  • Figure Price: Price 999RMB (180 yuan deposit need to be confirmed in advance, and 819 yuan balance to be paid upon delivery).
  • Bonus Information: [Exclusive Bonus at Genshin Store] – Xiao Vigilant Yaksha Ver.-Special Colored Paper.
  • Delivery Time: Estimated June 2023 (further notice, if any extension).

The Genshin Impact figure scale features Vigilant Yaksha Xiao, Adeptus of Liyue, holding the Primordial Jade Winged Spear and his signature mask. 

He is the playable character Anemo in Genshin Impact, and the only surviving member of the five leading Yakshas sent by Morax to subdue the evil spirits that plague Liyue. He currently lives at the Wangshu Inn and mostly refrains from crowds and social interactions.

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