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5 Hero Counter Martis Mobile Legends 2022

Mobile Legends has released a lot of good updates with very good developments. Even with the presence of 10 Martis Mobile Legends (ML) Counter Heroes, you won't be confused about fighting them. Because of this Counter ability, it will make it easier for you to fight Martis very well.

Moreover, with several things that can make you stronger, Martis can also dominate the match very easily. Because this Hero itself is quite difficult to get the CC Effect at all because the Immunity of the Skill itself is indeed very good and very good.

Of course, you have to learn How to Use Hero Martis in Mobile Legends so that later you can get convenience when using it. But under certain conditions, maybe you will fight Martis and you may be overwhelmed to face such a martyr.

Because with the presence of 10 Hero Counter Martis Mobile Legends (ML), it will definitely be easy to fight the Hero easily. Because with the ability of this Hero Martis, players can indeed stop it with the right Hero and Timing, of course.

Hero Counter Martis Mobile Legends (ML)


Having the Immun ability when issuing Skills, of course, Chou and Martis are mortal enemies in the match. Because if Chou kicks using Ultimate when Martis is Immun too, he can still receive a little Effect because his attacks are a lot.

That's why even my own Esports have tried it, whether when using Martis or Chou, all the effects are the same. But this is also back from when you issued a skill, it really has a big impact on the game using this game skill now.

But you have to know the right timing too if you want to advance using Chou to fight Martis easily. Because it will have a big impact, we ourselves will have no difficulty in dealing with the opponent.


If you use Gloo to counter Martis, you must be able to issue Ultimate Skills after Martis uses Skill 2. So that you can later enter Martis' body and interfere with his movements.

As I recall my Esports experience when using Gloo in a match against Martis, I could be distracted by Gloo's interesting combination Skills. It's just that if you are not very good at it, then you can make Martis a target for his team.

Even though Martis is strong and Immun, but when the attack from his friend during War will definitely not be restrained at all. Gloo is good for disturbing the enemy's concentration because it can make them attack their own friends when Gloo is ultimate.


Even though Martis did a deadly turn using Skill 2, Wanwan didn't need to be afraid of it even in a corner. Because we can be immune from his attacks too, even if we can use Ultimate Wanwan, it will be even easier.

Because the Wanwan that you use later, will fly up and avoid every deadly attack Wanwan will not hit. If it's Hockey, you won't take any damage at all from the enemy, even Wanwan herself will fly because that's why she can't be hit.

Of course, Wanwan is really good against Martis, even when you can use it it won't be difficult. Because this Wanwan has a Passive can move after an attack, so make sure her movement outwits the enemy later.


Given that Paquito is very strong with very deadly Damage, of course, Martis becomes the Rival Hero in the match if he meets. Even in a move that outwits the enemy, of course, Paquito can make you stronger.

Even Paquito's ability when he is competing later will make it easy for you to face many enemies. Of course with all of that, you yourself will definitely become stronger to fight even a good Martis.

But you have to know how to use Paquito Mobile Legends Hero so that later it won't be too difficult to deal with things like this.


If against Martis, you can rely on Argus who is immune from death for only a few seconds. Of course, with Argus's ability like this, of course, it will make you not easily defeated when competing later.

Based on my own esports game, if you want to fight Martis, you have to be close to the match. Because with Argus who has the Ultimate Skill, of course, it will give the impression of a true and excellent game.

It's just that if you use Argus, you really have to be right in issuing Ultimate. If you are just a little late, you will definitely lose.

Some of the 5 Hero Counter Martis Mobile Legends (ML), will indeed have a big influence in the match. So you also have to be able to use the Hero, so that we can later use it and fight it very easily.

Moreover, avoiding the Strengths and Weaknesses of Hero Martis in Mobile Legends, of course, will be something very important. So that later you can be more flexible, to fight the hero without any difficulties at all when competing.

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