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What is Counter Mobile Legends? This is the full explanation 2022

As a Mobile Legends player, surely you often hear the term Counter? Even though you hear it often, do you know what a counter is?

Well, if you don't know what a counter is in Mobile Legends, here we want to give a little explanation about the term Counter in Mobile Legends. So, watch it till the end!

What is a Counter in Mobile Legends?

Simply put, Counter is a term to ward off, fight, or the like.

So for example there are people who say pick this hero for the counter hero, which means we have to take a hero that can be used to face the opponent's hero.

There are several types of counters in Mobile Legends, for example:

1. Counter Pick

As the name implies, this Counter Pick means to ward off the opponent's hero that will be faced.

Usually, this happens when you do a Draft Pick.

For example, when the opponent uses an agile Assassin hero, then you can take the Khufra hero to overcome it.

2. Counter Item

In addition to Counter Pick, Counter Item is the next type of counter that is very popular.

If Counter Pick is a strategy to counteract the opponent's hero, then Counter Item is a strategy to buy items that can reduce the effectiveness of the opposing hero.

For example, if you face many Mage heroes, then you can buy Athena Shield items to increase your Magic Defense.

That of course will make attacks from the opponent's Mage hero not have a big effect on you.

3. Counter Strategy

Maybe many people don't know about this counter strategy. So Counter Strategy is a term to ward off or fight the strategy used by the opponent.

For example, if the opponent uses the Gank Strategy, then you can do a Split Push strategy to overcome it.

Well, that's a little explanation about what a counter is in Mobile Legends. May be useful!

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