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Tricks to Avoid Banned Attacks in Free Fire Mod Game

It has become a common thing where for sure when the presence of a Mod version of the game there will be questions about whether or not it is safe to use the FF Mod Apk. Actually, even without us explaining, you should understand better that when a third party launches its version, the security you have will decrease.

However, you can prevent or avoid banned attacks which are usually carried out by the official game developers. So, here for those who are really curious about the flow of the game, you can try to follow the tips & tricks so you can reduce the risk of being banned like the one below.

  • Use the Second account or guest as a form of an experiment to keep the main account safe without problems.
  • You are trying not to stand out too much when playing the Modified version of the game so as not to arouse suspicion.
  • We recommend that you experiment using solo or rank game modes.
  • Don't be too much when using cheats and it's best to activate it according to your needs.  

Rows of Premium FF Mod Apk Features

One thing that can't be denied anymore when you want to use the Mod version, a row of features will be the target of many people everywhere. Including now the survivors who have been waiting for the FF Mod Apk to meet their every need.

Thus, in the following, we will discuss in depth the premium features that FF Mod Apk has as the main alternative to be enjoyed. So, please those who are curious can see it through the reviews below.

Unlimited Diamond & Coin

The first advantage is also the most special feature where not many official versions of games present things like this. Therefore, it is not surprising that there is a Mod version of this feature that will continue to be the target of game users who will indeed present unlimited main items.

Including now Unlimited diamonds in the FF Mod apk game, you will benefit even more when you want to purchase items and equipment such as skins, bundles, weapons, and other things according to their individual needs. Moreover, the number of diamonds is also unlimited, aka unlimited as the name implies.

Auto AIM

This one feature is very useful and can make it easier for its users to shoot at the opponent perfectly without missing the slightest. Unlike the auto headshot, which is indeed one of the scariest and most vulnerable features, his opponents will know if he activates it too often.

So for those of you players who really like an ordinary atmosphere but get satisfactory results, use the auto AIM feature. Which has been proven to be the simplest alternative when you want to win the game.

Auto Headshot

The skills of every game in the Free Fire game are still very important to be the best and continue to grow from each level. However, of course, it's all very difficult for you to win every match because there are many pro players who already have good skills.

However, as high as any skill it will no longer mean anything when you play the FF Mod Apk game that has been equipped with the Auto Headshot feature. So, it means that even if new users are very easy to win the battle with just one shot at the opponent, they will get a headshot perfectly.

Unllocked All Karakter

The characters in the original version of the Free Fire game are still difficult for users to obtain, thus allowing many of you to feel that they lack the privileges they have. Therefore, there is no need to be surprised that the Mod Apk version will make it easier for all of you, as there is an unlocked all-character feature, meaning that all characters in the game have been unlocked.

You can prove this for yourself when the download process is complete and immediately play the game, all the features will be automatically activated to open all the facilities in it. Starting from the newest characters to the old ones though.

More Features

  1. Bulletproof
  2. No Wall
  3. Antenna View
  4. Teleport
  5. Shooting While Swimming
  6. Unlocked All Skin
  7. Unlocked All Senjata
  8. No Root
  9. Break through the Wall

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