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Tips to Become a Strong Support Free Fire

One of the important roles in Free Fire that must be in a team is Support. Role Support has a role to help teammates, either to bring additional ammunition, Med Kits, or do a backup fire when team members are going to ambush.

Well, for those of you who want to be strong support in Free Fire, here we want to give some tips to be the best Support in Free Fire. So, just read this article to the end!

Tips to Become a Strong Support Free Fire

1. Use the Right Support Character

Tips to become a strong supporter is to use the best Support characters in Free Fire. Choose a character who can help teammates in the game.

For example, if you are a support person who prefers to cover fire, then you can use the Moco character to mark your opponent. That way, it will be easy for other members of your team to hunt down opposing members who will be attacked.

Well, if you don't have a Support character in Free Fire, then you can top up Free Fire diamonds first to be able to buy these characters.

2. Provide Information to Teammates

Support, of course, has an important role in the game. In addition to bringing team needs such as Ammo and MedKit, Support must also provide clear information to teammates.

For example, when you back up fire to a teammate, then you know where the enemy is. Well, you need to provide clear information to teammates who are rushing about the enemy's position.

That way your team's Rusher knows the enemy's position and kills them all easily. Therefore, providing as clear information as possible is important for a support team to know.

3. Can Take Care of Yourself

Support in the team must also know how to take care of themselves as best they can. You being able to take care of yourself as best you can, it will certainly make it easier for your team members to defeat the enemy.

Just imagine if you are a Support but managed to be eliminated by the opponent first, it will make the defense of your team vacillate. Try to always carry close-range weapons when you are Supporting just in case there is a sudden attack from the enemy.

4. Must be able to read the situation

The next tip so that you can become a strong Support in Free Fire is to be able to read the situation in the game.

For example, in the game you and your team managed to corner your opponent, now you have to have high initiative to see team members who need cover.

5. Find the Opponent's Blind Spot Position

As a support, you must also be smart to find the Blind Spot or the opponent's blind spot. The goal, of course, is to make it easier for you to attack them without them knowing your position.

You can rely on SMG weapons such as VSS which have a built-in Silencer that can muffle the sound of gunfire. That way, it will be easy for you to attack your opponent secretly.

So, those are some tips to become a strong support in Free Fire. Please apply it in the game.

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