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Tips for Using Johnson Mobile Legends, AUTO WIN

One of the strongest Tank heroes in Mobile Legends who has quite unique abilities is Johnson

This hero is unique where he is able to turn into a car and walk around the map.

Despite having great abilities, Johnson himself is one of the Mobile Legends heroes that is quite difficult to master.

Well, for those of you who don't know how to use Johnson Mobile Legends, here are we that summarizes some tips for using Johnson Mobile Legends.

Tips for Using Johnson Mobile Legends

1. Understand All His Skills

To master this hero, you need to first understand all the skills possessed by Johnson. Well, here is a little explanation about the skills possessed by Johnson:

Electro-airbag (Passive): When Johnson's HP is less than 30%, he creates a Shield that absorbs Damage for 10 seconds. This effect has 100 seconds Cooldown.

Deadly Pincers (Skill1): Johnson throws Spanner in a designated direction dealing Magic Damage to enemies in his path. Enemies in the area where the Spanner landed will be stunned for 0.8 seconds.

Electromag Rays (Skill 2): ​​Johnson raises his shield, dealing Magic Damage in a fan-shaped area towards the target continuously and slowing them by 20%. Each time an opponent is hit by this Skill, the next Damage dealt by this Skill to that opponent will be increased by 15% (up to 45%). This damage increases by 50% against Creep. Johnson can use Basic Attacks and Skills for this duration.

Rapid Touchdown (Skill 3): (Passive): Increases Physical Defense by 10% permanently. Johnson jumps and transforms into a car, accelerating over time. Only 1 teammate can get into the car when he is at low speed, then they will walk forward together with Johnson. The car will explode upon hitting an enemy hero, stunning the target and nearby enemies for 0.5-1 seconds, and dealing Magic Damage based on the car's speed. After the explosion, the ground will be electrified, slowing enemies and dealing Magic Damage to anyone in the area. When the car is moving slowly, Tap Skill (Throttle) returns to move faster. Tap Skill (Brake) to stop immediately. Hold Skill (Nitrous) to increase speed, up to 5 seconds.

2. Master the Map Area

To be able to use Johnson smoothly, then you need to master the map area.

The goal, of course, is for you to be able to circle around the map while in 'Car' mode.

3. Invite an opponent that can be used as a combo

The next tip is to invite an opponent that can be used as a combo when you change in 'car' mode.

There are many heroes that can be combined, such as Mage heroes or even Fighter heroes who have strong Crowd Control.

4. Hit Your Opponent from Behind

The next tip when you use Johnson is to hit the enemy from behind.

Because by hitting the enemy from behind, it will make it difficult for the enemy to dodge.

5. Use the Strongest Johnson Build

By using the right Johnson build , it will make this Tank hero stronger and invincible.

Well, those are some tips for using Johnson in Mobile Legends that you can apply in the game.

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