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The Latest ML Expert Logo, Here's How to Download it

Mobile Legends is a very famous 5vs5 Moba game and has many players from various countries. This game is almost similar to the PC game Dota 2 and ML comes with a Mobile version.

The advantage of having a mobile version of the game is that it allows many people to be able to play this game because most people have smartphones and don't necessarily have PCs. Therefore, the Mobile Legends game is very crowded.

In addition, the game mechanism is very exciting and requires several players to work together as a team by setting a suitable strategy, making Mobile Legends have its own charm for most people.

Having a lot of players is not necessarily good at playing it

Mobile Legends is indeed a mobile game with the moba genre which is currently the number 1 game in its category. This is because many people who play the Mobile Legends game from various circles ranging from children, teenagers, even adults.

Even so, there are still many Mobile Legends players who just play but are not good at using the hero that is being played. Usually this kind of thing is due to the lack of understanding of the hero.

Therefore, it's a good idea for a Mobile Legends player to first understand the hero used to at least get an Expert logo when on the Loading Screen before the game starts.

A little about the Expert Logo in Mobile Legends

When on the loading screen, there will usually be various logos on the hero frame used by someone. These various logos do have their own meaning and one of them is an expert icon.

The expert logo is usually located at the bottom of the frame as a marker that the player has reached expert with the hero used. Expert is indeed synonymous with someone who is an expert or proficient in a particular field.

This also applies in Mobile Legends where if someone has managed to get the Expert logo, it means that the player is already an expert in using the hero. that way the skill and mastery of the hero player can't be doubted.

How to Get an Expert Logo in ML

If you want to get an Expert logo on the loading screen when you use a certain hero. There are several ways that you can do to realize your wishes as follows.

  1. Spam heroes continuously.
  2. Using the hero repeatedly.
  3. Complete the missions in the skill book.

For the first and second ways, it's a very simple method because you only need to use the hero repeatedly. While in the third way, you have to understand what mission you need to do when using the hero you mean.

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