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Recommended Counter Gatotkaca Mobile Legends

Gatotkaca is a Tank hero in Mobile Legends who has extraordinary abilities. This hero is equipped with great skills and strong defenses that make it quite difficult to beat.

Well, if you are dealing with Gatotkaca, then you can rely on some of the recommendations for the Gatotkaca hero counter that we present below.

Recommended Counter Gatotkaca Mobile Legends

To get these heroes, make sure you've done the Mobile Legends diamond top-up. Because to get these heroes you need to exchange a number of diamonds.

1. Karrie

Karrie is the first hero recommendation that you can rely on to counter Gatotkaca Mobile Legends.

As we know, Karrie is one of the best enemy armor-destroying heroes. By using Karrie, it will be easy for you to defeat Ghatotkacha.

2. Chou

Chou is one of the strongest Fighter heroes in Mobile Legends who have extraordinary abilities.

By using Chou, then you can inhibit the movement of Ghatotkacha easily. You can even thwart all the skills launched by Gatotkaca.

3. Diggie

One of the strongest Support heroes who can interfere with Gatotkaca's movements is Diggie.

Diggie has a skill that can easily remove the opponent's Crowd Control effect. With Diggie, all Crowd Control effects owned by Gatotkaca are useless.

4. Franco

Franco is the next best hero who can be relied on to counter Gatotkaca.

This Hero Tank has the ability to kidnap the opponent's hero, then capture him to be killed together with team members.

5. Esmeralda

Esmeralda is one of the strongest Mage heroes who has higher durability than other Mage heroes.

Esmeralda also has the ability to ignore the opponent's Shield and is able to absorb the opponent's Shield to convert it into additional HP.

Well, you can really use Esmeralda when facing Ghatotkacha. With the support of the strongest Esmeralda build, then Gatotkaca will be easy to beat.

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