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How to Play LoL Wild Rift on Android Smartphone 2022

Recently the world of mobile games was shocked by the presence of a MOBA game that was previously only available for the PC platform. Named League of Legend: Wild Rift, the mobile version of this game is claimed to be as exciting as the PC version. The game carries exciting and challenging gameplay for sure. 

Although, some parties claim that the choice of heroes provided in LoL Wild Rift is still limited. However, as time goes by, the developer will definitely present a new hero to further pamper his loyal fans.

Talking about MOBA android games, most of us probably only know the game Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. In recent years, the game, also known as the ML game, has indeed become a favorite choice for mobile gamers. 

The game is practically perfect, both in terms of gameplay, hero characters, items, and graphics. However, the LoL Wild Rift game comes with something new. Because of this, many MOBA game lovers are looking forward to the release of the game.

The time has come, now the game League of Legends: Wild Rift has been officially released and you can install it through the Google Play Store for free. This game not only has exciting and challenging gameplay, but also amazing graphics support. 

The graphics are high, requiring only high-spec HP to be able to play it smoothly. Because it is a new game, some new players may not understand how to play LoL Wild Rift. No need to worry, below I have summarized how to play LoL on Android in a nutshell.

Information About Game League of Legends: Wild Rift

Game League of Legends: Wild Rift is presented and specially designed for mobile devices. So, the controls and a few other things have been adapted to the mobile display, so you can play it more comfortably. This game itself was developed directly by Riot Games, a developer whose name is already familiar in the game industry.

Carrying the 5v5 MOBA game, this LoL Wild Rift game is claimed to be competing with the Mobile Legends game that has triumphed in the last few years. Moreover, this LoL Wild Rift game carries very stunning graphics, of course it is very easy to compete with ML games. However, for the matter of hero characters, maybe ML games are still richer.

LoL Wild Rift game is a multiplayer game, here you can form a team with friends or other players to fight other teams. Interestingly, this game made by Riot Games you can play for free. You just need to download and install the game via the Google Play Store.

How to Play LoL Wild Rift on Android Smartphone

For how to play the LoL Wild Rift game, it's actually not much different from other MOBA games, such as Mobile Legends. In the game you will control one hero and join a team to start a 5v5 battle. It is very important to understand how to play in the LoL Wild Rift game. The reason is, if not then the chances of winning are certainly very small.

There are at least 3 points that you must understand before starting to play the game League of Legends: Wild Rift. The three points include:

1. Understanding Lane Types and Roles

The first thing you have to understand in the LoL Wild Rift game is the Lane in it. In this game there are 3 lanes provided, namely Baron Lane, Mid Lane and Dragon Lane. Baron Lane itself is located at the top of the map, so it is often called Top Lane or Side Lane. While Mid Lane and Dragon Lane are in the middle and bottom of the map, respectively. For Dragon Lane, pulses are often called Bot Lane.

Besides Lane, there is also the term Role which is no less important for you to understand. The role position in the LoL Wild Rift game can determine whether your team wins or loses. There are at least 4 types of role positions that can be applied in this League of Legends Wild Rift game.

The first one in the leading position alias in Baron Lane, you need 1 hero champion in this position. Usually it is more suitable to be filled by the hero champion Fighter or Thank. This type of hero usually has a very strong defense value, and high HP.

Next is the jungle role, which is filled with at least one jungler. His job is to farm and occasionally rotate to gank the enemy team. For this position, it is more precisely filled by the hero champion Assassin or Fighter.

For the Mid Lane position, you can also fill in at least one Mid Laner. In this position the hero is usually assigned to crowd control, where this task is more suitable for the Mage champion. You can duet it with the Assassin champion whose job is to jungle.

And the last one is the Support and Marksman champions who are positioned in the Dragon Lane section. Both also have a very important role in this League of Legends: Wild Rift game. Support champions have excellent healing abilities, while Marksman has the ability to attack from a distance which is quite deadly.

2. Understand the Types of Monsters and Buffs

Buff is a bonus that can be obtained when the hero manages to kill the monsters in the jungle area. Here you will find various types of monsters that are ready for you to defeat. Although it's not easy, but with your skills and abilities, monsters can definitely be defeated.

This task is usually carried out by the jungler, which is filled by a champion fighter or assassin. The buff that can be obtained will be different for each monster you defeat. And this buff itself will be very useful when team fighter. That's why taking buffs is an important thing for junglers to do.

There are at least 4 types of Dragons with different elements that you can defeat to get Buffs. The four types of Dragon are Ocean Dragon (water element), Infernal Dragon (fire element), Mountain Dragon (earth element), and Cloud Dragon (wind element).

If you choose to kill Ocean Dragon, then what you get is regeneration. Killing the Infernal Deagon will result in attack damage, while Mountain Dragon and Cloud Dragon will receive additional HP and lifestyle bonuses, respectively.

3. Understand the types of plants that exist

And the last point is the type of plants in the LoL Wild Rift game. There are at least two types of plants provided, namely Ward and Plant. Ward serves to explain the dark part of the map so you can see the enemy sneaking. 

Meanwhile, the Plant itself has three types with different functions, namely Scryer's Bloom (to open the map and give Treu Sight), Honeyfruit (to increase HP 3X and give a slow effect), and also Blast Cone (to throw the hero away from the plant).

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