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How to Download the Latest Version of the Dragon City MOD Game

Talking about android games is never ending. The reason is, every time there must be a new Android game released by the developers. Whether it's a completely new game or an old one, the latest version is presented. 

These android games themselves are no less fun to play than games from other platforms, such as console and PC games. In addition to exciting gameplay, android games are also equipped with stunning graphics that make players' eyes comfortable when playing them.

Android games also consist of various interesting genres and almost all games can be played for free. However, usually in the game there are several premium items, where these items can only be used by paid users. Game genres on Android phones are very diverse, ranging from the RPG genre, life simulation, FPS, Battle Royale, MOBA and many others. Of the many genres of android games that exist today, one that is quite in demand is simulation games.

In simulation games we can run a virtual life that is not much different from real life. There are many types of simulation games that can be played on Android phones. One of the simulation games that is quite loved is the Dragon City game. 

Here you will be able to create life from a bunch of dragons. Yes, it's not human characters that you can control, but dragons of various types and shapes. However, many say it is more fun to play the Dragon City game in the MOD or Modified version. So, how to download the Dragon City MOD APK game? You can see more information in the review below.

Information About the Latest Version of Dragon City Game

Dragon City game is one of the best simulation games developed by a developer called Socialpoint. This one game is quite loved because of its exciting and fun gameplay. On the Google Play Store, it has been recorded that the game has been installed more than 100 million times on the Google Play Store. In addition, the size of the Dragon City game is also not too large, which is only 131MB. Thus, the game will still run smoothly even though it is played on a standard-spec android cellphone.

As explained above, in this game you have the opportunity to have a pet dragon. You can collect various types of dragons, and from here you can take care of them until they become adults. In addition, you can breed the pet dragon so that it becomes a lot. Later you have to train these dragons to have extraordinary skills.

Besides taking care of the dragons, you also need to pay attention to the island where the dragons live. Create a comfortable dragon habitat so that the lives of the dragons can be calm. Make the dragon island even more amazing than the real world. Coupled with stunning graphics, making this game even more perfect.

How to Download the Latest Version of the Dragon City MOD Game

Regarding how to download the MOD version of the Dragon City game, it is actually very easy. What is confusing for some users is how to install the game on an android device. No need to be confused, because in this article I will discuss in full. As for how to download and install the full Dragon City MOD game, as follows:

The first step is to download the Dragon City MOD game via THIS LINK .

If so, then you immediately open the game file .

Later on the screen a pop up notification will appear, then you click the Install button .

Wait for the game installation process to complete. Then you can immediately open and play the game.

Previously you need to activate the Install unknown application feature on your Android phone. To do this, you can go through the Settings menu >> select Security >> select Install unknown applications >> select the platform used to download the game earlier (Google Chrome >> slide the slider on the option Allow install unknown applications .

Features Provided in Dragon City MOD Game

There are several interesting features that you can find in this Modified version of the Drago City game. Some of these features include:

1. Unlimited GEM

In the official version of the Dragon City game, it is not easy to collect GEM. However, in this Dragon City MOD game you don't need to think about it anymore. The reason is, here you can use as many GEMs as possible without having to work hard. GEM will be available automatically and you can use it without any limitations or unlimited.

You can use these gems or gems to build a dragon city to make it more developed. In addition, with these GEMs you can also unlock special dragons that are usually found throughout the game. Also, GEM works to get special dragon eggs.

2. Unlimited Gold

In addition to GEM or gems, in the Dragon City MOD game you can also get unlimited gold. Just as important as gems, you can use gold as a medium of exchange to get the resources provided in the game store. These resources are essential for the care and development of your pet dragons.

In addition, with gold you can also create a dream dragon city, such as flame habitat, terra habitat, sea habitat and so on. Just like GEM, you can also use gold to unlock new types of dragons.

3. Various types of dragons are provided

In the Dragon City game, there is a feature that allows you to fight with other players out there. To win the battle, you need to rely on dragons who have their own skills and abilities.

The good news is that in this Fragon City MOD game, hundreds of types of dragons with varied skills have been provided. Here you can choose the type of dragon you want and start relying on it in battle.

4. Available PvP Battle Mode

In the game Dragon City, it's not just about creating an amazing world of dragons. There are times when you rely on your hero dragon to fight with other players' dragons through PvP Battle mode. This is where later will determine whose dragon is the best.

Winning 1 on 1 battles will allow you to get dragons with powerful abilities. Guaranteed you will be instantly addicted when playing this dragon battle mode.

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