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How to Download the Latest State of Survival MOD 2022

Playing games on android devices is a favorite choice for most users. The reason is, android games allow us to play anytime and anywhere. Unlike PC or console games, you can't carry your device anywhere, but stay where it is. 

In addition, the increasing development of android game production has made many gamers switch to playing android games. 

The gameplay that is carried is no less exciting than PC or console games. And also for matters of graphic display, android games are also supported with stunning graphics.

Now there are many types of games that you can play. One of the most popular is the survival-themed android game. In this game you must be able to survive until the end of the game. If the character you control dies, the game is over and you lose. 

There are also many choices of survival theme games like this on the Google Play Store and you can install almost all games for free. One of the most exciting and mandatory survival games for you to play is State of Survival.

The State of Survival game brings exciting and challenging gameplay, which will surely make anyone addicted to playing it. In addition, the game's graphics support is also quite perfect so that it spoils the eyes of its users. You as a player must be able to strategize so as not to die in the middle of the game. 

However, many say it is more fun to play this State of Survival game in the MOD or Modified version. However, not all users know how to download the State of Survival MOD. Are you one of them too? Here's how to download and install the State of Survival game that you can apply.

Information About Game State of Survival

Before proceeding to how to download State of Survival MOD, you first need to know information about the game. The State of Survival game itself is made by a developer called KingsGroup Holdings and is provided for free. However, there are some items in the game that can only be accessed by premium or paid users.

Carrying the Strategy game genre, this Satate of Survival game is claimed to have very challenging gameplay. Of course, this challenging game will provide its own excitement for players. In this game, the condition of the earth is told after 6 months of the spread of a terrible zombie virus.

You and a group of survivors who are still alive will be required to continue to survive in a scary world. You are the leader of those who hope to rise from adversity. In addition to surviving, you must also be able to build defenses and develop troops to become the strongest. Only utilizing the remaining resources, you and your troops must also be able to find a vaccine from the zombie virus that has spread.

Your main enemy in this game is fighting zombies. On the other hand, you will also have the opportunity to fight strong zombie bosses. Here you can enjoy fighting with your friends to make it more exciting.

How to Download State of Survival MOD Latest Version

Now proceed to how to download and install State of Survival on your Android phone. It's not difficult, just a few steps you can successfully install it. For complete steps, as follows:

The first step is downloading the State of Survival game via Google Chrome. Visit the download page via THIS LINK .

After successfully downloading, then you must first activate the permission to install applications from outside the Play Store. You do this by going to the Settings menu >> select Biometrics and Security >> select Install unknown applications >> select Google Chrome >> slide the slider on the Allow from this source option .

Now look for the State of Survival MOD game file that was downloaded earlier.

Click to start installing.

Click the Install button on the pop up notification.

Wait until the installation process is complete.


Main Features of Game State of Survival MOD

There are several excellent features provided in this Modified version of the State of Survival game. Some features you can't even find in the original version of the game. The complete State of Survival excellent features are as follows:

1. Unlimited Biocaps

In the game State of Survival, Biocaps are one of the important items. These biocaps are what you can use when you want to buy hero fragments, Chief EXP, and other things to help speed up the upgrade process.

In the original State of Survival game, it took you a long time to get Biocaps. If you want it fast, then you need real money to get it. But this does not apply in the State of Survival MOD game, because here you can get it for free and without any definite limitations.

2. Player Interaction Features

In the State of Survival MOD game, it is also possible to play online with friends or other players. In addition, you can also interact easily and comfortably with them.

Here you can not only chat with friends in an alliance but all players who are members of the main chat room. Here you can add anyone to connect in the chat room.

3. Stunning Game Graphics

One more advantage of the game State of Survival, namely the quality of the game's graphics are very amazing and detailed. Playing this game makes you feel like playing a super detailed PC version of the game. Coupled with a charming 3D effect, further adding to the excitement of this game.

4. Alliance Features

Being a player in the game State of Survival is a must for you to join an alliance. Here players who are members of an alliance must be able to work together to become the strongest alliance. Some things can also be helped by joining an alliance, such as when upgrading buildings, training troops, completing missions and so on.

5. Exciting and Varied Missions

You can complete various game missions in the State of Survival game. Starting from killing zombies to bosses, farming to find resources, to special missions that are presented at certain events. The missions provided can be said to be very exciting and challenging, surely you will be addicted.

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