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Crystal of Atlan Prepares First Beta for Mobile

The TapTap Presents 2022 event which was held last weekend also brought an interesting announcement from Crystal of Atlan. This is a cool action RPG game made by Vi-Games that has gone through a period of mature development. 

To attract the interest of more players as well as collect feedback to improve the quality of the game, the developer plans to hold the first Beta access for Crystal of Atlan this year.

Unfortunately, they haven't been able to share the specific details, but there's already a new trailer that shows the form of flashy action gameplay, an interesting world setting that combines the concepts of the wizarding world and the industrial era, as well as a number of unique playable characters. 

The game itself will take players on a mysterious adventure centered on the struggle for the power of the Crystal Core.

From what has been shown so far, the game will take players on an adventure to various regions with different natural conditions and their own mysteries. 

There is a wide selection of playable characters, which players can probably form their favorite party and create the most creative combos. 

The merging of the concepts of the wizarding world and industry also has its own influence, such as how some characters have abilities that rely more purely on weapons than magic or vice versa.

So as the information above, Crystal of Atlan will soon hold its first beta for mobile this year.

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