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Captain Tsubasa: Ace' Announced for Android and iOS

Captain Tsubasa still has a strong reputation as the most iconic soccer manga/anime series. In addition to still getting expansion into the form of anime reboots, there are also some developers and publishers who are interested in making game adaptations for it. 

DeNA is one of them, where they have just announced a game project called Captain Tsubasa: Ace for Android and iOS.

Through its official announcement a while ago, Captain Tsubasa: Ace is an online soccer game that will bring players into fierce competition. 

The game itself takes a direct adaptation of the anime series directed by Yoichi Takahashi, so all the characters are indeed made to come with a more modern design. 

As can be expected from most other Captain Tsubasa game adaptations, the gameplay mechanics offered are still combined with a variety of extraordinary soccer abilities from the many fan-favorite characters.

The game is targeted to provide a unique interactive experience and remain nostalgic at the same time. To enrich replayability, the developer has promised a variety of exciting game modes apart from the main campaign. 

Apart from the various first detailed pieces, unfortunately, there is no clear appearance of the gameplay that is carried, such as how the trailer also only shows footage of the artwork from the Nankatsu match against Toho.

Captain Tsubasa: Ace is currently in active development for Android and iOS.

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