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Bizon Free Fire Weapon Combination 2022

Free Fire has released a lot of very cool latest updates for us to use now. And there are 5 Bizon Free Fire (FF) Weapon Combinations, of course very helpful in dealing with enemies easily. It won't be too difficult to face the enemy, because using Bizon and combined forces help.

Some of the weapons that have appeared in the Free Fire game, turned out to provide many more attractive main prizes. So that we are in the face of this strong enemy, of course, it can help you to face the enemy without feeling difficult at all.

Also understand explanations such as the Strongest Bizon Free Fire Weapon, allowing you to have cool and powerful attacks. So that later it will not be too difficult to face this enemy because it is a fairly strong force.

Then for 5 Bizon Free Fire (FF) Weapon Combinations, you can immediately use them very well to win. The power of combined weapons for battle can make Bizon itself increasingly difficult to defeat by opponents.

Bizon Free Fire (FF) Weapon Combination


The starting weapon that is suitable for the Bizon Combination is the Groza, a close-range attack variation of Bizon and Groza for his long-range. Making these two weapons is pretty good in that battle, so you are definitely very interested.

It won't be difficult to do Rush, because previously we have reduced the opponent's HP from afar using Groza. Even the opposite if we initially do a Rush and the enemy runs away, just finish it off with this stable Groza weapon.

The Bizon Free Fire Weapon Combination is M1887

If this is indeed the entry as a Combination of Weapons related to Rush, the Bizon M1887 will be the most powerful. A big power which of course will support a battle to be more exciting, so M1887 and Bizon can be the right combination.

Just decide which one you want to start with, high Rate of Fire or high Damage. Later, if there is a chance, do a weapon swap game to make it easier for your opponent to be defeated with this attack.


Very good power of Scar's weapon for combination with Bizon, it will definitely feel more different. In terms of ability, we can use it very well, because Scar is for medium or long distance with Bizon for close range later.

Both will be a powerful and deadly attack and can be a very powerful combination. Of course, it's very good if you understand how to use it so that it won't be too difficult to deal with enemies like this right now.

Bizon Free Fire Weapon Combination is MP5

Then next we can use a combination of MP5 weapons with Bizon, to have deadly damage and attacks. So that later the strength of the two weapons will indeed come out when they become a strong combination in dealing with the enemy when rushing.

Attacks with a firing speed of MP5 and Bizon will certainly help your battle very well. It will definitely be a powerful and deadly combination, there's no way you'll have trouble in battle.


AWM's high damage ranged attack, then Bizon for melee which is perfect for this. Because it's the beginning to do Rush, you can make your opponent Die because of the attack from the AWM weapon first.

Then when the panicked enemy is dying, so that later we can easily face the enemy. Then approach them using a Bizon Weapon to become a Finisher in an elimination.

After knowing the 5 Bizon Free Fire (FF) Weapon Combinations, you will not be confused anymore to use this Bizon Weapon. Just use the right combination with it, so you can fight the enemy without any hesitation at all.

Also understand the Tips for Using Bizon Free Fire Weapons, so that later when you are competing it won't be too difficult. Dealing with enemies very easily and understanding their position too, so we won't be too difficult to use them too.

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