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Best Pet Recommendation for Iris Free Fire Character

As one of the best characters in Free Fire, Iris does have very great abilities. Even so, you still need to use the best Free Fire Pet that can maximize the abilities of Iris Free Fire.

Well, in this article, we want to tell you some of the best Free Fire Pets that are suitable to be paired with when you use the Iris character.

Best Pet Recommendation for Iris Free Fire Character

To get the following Free Fire pet, ensure you've done a Free Fire diamond top-up. Because to buy the following pets you have to exchange them for a number of diamonds.

1. Rockie

The first recommended pet that is suitable to be combined with the Iris Free Fire character is Rockie.

As we know, Rockie has a skill called Stay Chill which can reduce the cooldown duration of the owner's active skill.

Combining Rockie and Iris, of course, will make the cooldown of Iris' skills faster.

2. Dragon

The ability of Iris is able to penetrate the Gloo Wall and give a signal to the opponent behind the Gloo Wall. When the opponent is damaged, of course, what they do is do Healing or use a Med Kit.

Well, Dreki's ability called Dragon Glare can detect the position of the enemy who is healing or using a Med Kit.

3. Hoot

Hoot is one of the newest pets in Free Fire that has a unique ability called Far-sighted. His ability is to increase the range and duration of the item or skill scan of the owner.

You could say this pet is very suitable to use if you use a combination of Iris skills juxtaposed with the Moco character's abilities.

4. Mr. Waggor

Mr. Waggor is the next best pet that you can carry when using the Iris character.

Mr. Waggor himself has a skill called Smooth Gloo which allows him to produce Gloo Wall every few moments.

The ability of Mr. This waggor is very useful towards the end of the game. When you run out of Gloo Wall, you don't have to bother looking for it, because Mr. Waggor will provide Gloo Wall for you.

5. Panda

Panda is the next best pet recommendation compatible with the Iris Free Fire character.

This pet is perfect if you use Iris as a Rusher Free Fire character.

Panda himself has a skill called Panda's Blessing which allows him to give additional HP every time Iris manages to eliminate an opponent.

With that ability, of course, it will make Iris stronger when attacking the opponent.

Well, those are some of the best Pets in Free Fire that can be combined with the Iris Free Fire character. Do you have your favorite pet or not?

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