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Argent Twilight Tier List, Choose the Best Character 2022

It is no longer surprising that many giant developers are fond of releasing RPG games on mobile. The reason? There's a lot to explore, especially in terms of the advantages of the various characters released. Argent Twilight, is the newest RPG from Nexon. When it's just released, tips or guides regarding the tier list in Argent Twilight can be important.

Argent Twilight is a mobile RPG that will require players to collect hundreds of heroes or characters that are divided into various rarities. 

The gameplay concept itself is tactical, not an action game. The content offered is quite complete which includes both PvE and PvP. Even though it has an anime style, the quality of the graphics it has is quite good.

Game Basics

The RPG that is carried is a tactical RPG that focuses on strategy. Therefore, choosing the right character and the right synergy can be crucial in this game. 

Therefore, we made a tier list of Argent Twilight for you as a benchmark so that you can determine which one is the best according to their respective advantages.

Scale Ranking Character

S : Character with solid abilities, suitable for various conditions and team synergy

A : Characters are still pretty good

B : Suitable character to complete the team

Tier list di Argent Twilight – Update 2022

Character Tier Notes

Callous Shulo

S Insane AoE damage reduces movement and can freeze enemies.

Touchy Einid

S Insane AoE damage, wide movement

Lax Woonye

S Huge single-target damage Due to critical hit boost

Pure Aseha

S Decent damage at the same time can be good support with Heal & Shield

Lax Einid

S Crazy damage because he can Ignore Defense and debuff Bleed

Delicate Yekaterina

S Has insane CC, can freeze opponents with AoE and can debuff to reduce an opponent's Attack.

Sweet Aseha

A Standard damage, but can Taunt while reducing enemy movement.

Pompous Woonye

A Not bad for being a support to increasing Attack and Critical Rate

Bold Shulo

A Decent damage if the team has a large total HP

Aloof Jacques

A Has a decent heal, and can make Immunity teammates in 2 turns.

Impish Celestial (Transform)

A Decent AoE damage, but complicated to use because of many conditions and chances.

Impish Celestial

B Attacks can ignore defense but are small, and quite useful if successfully transform.

Brave Einid

B Has a high movement, and can debuff the opponent, but the damage is normal.

Smart Celestial

B Decent damage can knock back opponents, maximum potential if Transform.

Impish Cleo

B Great damage, has stun but small chance.

That's the tier list for the Argent Twilight game, which has recently been soft-launched and will be released globally later. It should be emphasized that we will continue to update this guide article and there may still be shortcomings. But for sure, the guide above is enough for you to be a benchmark for determining which character is the best.

Argent Twilight has just opened the soft-launch stage for certain regions only for Android and iOS. But most Nexon games will certainly be released globally.

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