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5 Ways to Get Top Criminal Neon Free Fire Bundle

Free Fire has released many very cool new updates for you to try. Even with the presence of How to Get the Top Criminal Neon Free Fire Bundle, you will understand this. Because this new bundle is really cool.

Update events that have appeared now, make sure you don't miss the excitement of this new event right now. Free Fire players must play each mission to get cool prizes.

The emergence of some cool Free Fire names that we can indeed find, it will make this account even cooler. Because it can describe your character in the game later.

Then for How to Get the Top Criminal Neon Free Fire Bundle, you can try it right away if you want. As a clear and cool Bundle when the player uses it in the game later.

How to Get Top Criminal Neon Free Fire Bundle

Login Game Free Fire

Players must login to the Free Fire game first, so that later they can start getting this new Top Criminal Neon Bundle. Present on 11 August – 4 July 2022.

Choose Luck Royale and Top Criminal Collection

Immediately we go to the section called Luck Royale, then look at the Top Criminal Collection that has appeared now.

Do Spin Using Diamonds

Then the player must be able to Spin 1 time 19 Dm and 5 times 79 Dm only, indeed a fairly cheap total price to have the Top Criminal Neon Bundle.

Exchange Tokens If You Can't Get From Spin

There are other opportunities where we can use the token exchange system, so that later we can get the Bundle directly. But remember, the Token is available in this royale.

Top Criminal Neon Bundle Rewards Enter Vault

Immediately, we check the Vault section to receive the Top Criminal Neon Bundle that goes into it. It would be a nice and appropriate gift for sure so that we can immediately use it.

Of course by trying this you can get the Top Criminal Neon Bundle very easily. You won't miss a very cool Bundle like this, especially if the theme is really old.

You will also get to know the Selected Bundle Type in Free Fire that already exists. Because it brings a theme that is also appropriate in appearance, to make it look even cooler.

After knowing How to Get the Top Criminal Neon FF Bundle, immediately try it so it's easy. Because indeed the appearance of this Bundle Top Criminal will look much cooler.

Then for the emergence of a Free Fire Spin Hockey Tips , it makes it easier for your chances to get a new bundle like that right away.

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