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5 4 Star Characters You Must Have Genshin Impact

All the Heroes in Genshin Impact have potential abilities that we can maximize. Not only 5-star heroes, but 4-star heroes that may be underestimated if you build correctly, a powerful team will be created. So, therefore, for those of you who have a 4-star Hero for the time of the 1.2 update, don't be discouraged, this is where the team build treasure from Genshin Impact is stored.

5 4 Star Characters You Must Have Genshin Impact

1. Sucrose

Sucrose is a Hero who has Anemo abilities, well besides anemo and strong damage, the advantages of Sucrose are Support or Buff heroes. By using Sucrose build your team will increase in terms of Element Mastery Catalyst Conversion and Mollis Favonius is a passive skill possessed by this Tier S++ support hero.

2. Xingxiu

Another 4-star character that you must develop is Xinqgxiu where we can use this hero from his rain sword skill. Now, when our DPS is surrounded by rain sword Xingxiu, it will create a vaporize or melt effect, of course, play our DPS pyro.

3. Bennet

Bennett's initial release was indeed at the Exchange Shop, so maybe the initial release potential is still not visible but for now Bennett is a mandatory hero for support. Just like Sucrose where he will give Buff ATK to our team. Heroes with any element can be directly Buffed with the ultimate from Bennett's punch.

4. Ningguang

If you want to experience DPS from Geo, build this Ningguang hero with Geo elements ranging from Normal Attack to ultimate. Even though it's not an Archon, Ningguang's ability is very cool especially because it's 4 stars. Geo DMG from normal Attacks can be very high because of the Buff from the E-skill gate.

5. Fischl

The 4-star character that you need to have and build is Fischl, yes this is the strongest Archer DPS available to date. Even though the 4 star Fischl can be a DPS hero or support OZ or his crow will do a lot of damage. Or if you want pure DPS, you can build Fishcl in Physical Attack that is strong enough and able to compete with 5-star heroes.

We can get these 5 heroes for free, especially during the Albedo event, you only need free spins. You can also use Aquataine Fate as a result of Ascend characters, these 5 heroes are excellent whether it's as support for increasing DPS or becoming pure DPS Heroes like Fischl and Ningguang. There's also Razor, if you happen to have Razor, please build it too, it's quite OP to defeat the enemies in Teyvat too.

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