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This is the Daily and Weekly Reset Time for Mobile Legends 2022

Mobile Legends is one of the MOBA games that does have a lot of events in it, to wait for the event to start, you have to know when the daily and weekly reset times are in Mobile Legends.

Every day, of course, you look forward to when the latest event starts, maybe some think that the event starts at around 00:00 midnight. But in fact not in the Mobile Legends game.

This of course makes some players quite confused to know when to reset Mobile Legends daily and weekly. Now to find out the explanation, of course, you have to prepare the following explanations.

We will provide an explanation of when the daily and weekly reset time for Mobile Legends is. So for those of you who are curious. Please see the full review below.

Mobile Legends Daily Reset Time (ML)

For the daily reset time usually starts based on GMT-8 Alaska/USA time which means 8 pm. For example, when there is an event that starts on March 27, you can start it on March 26 at 8 pm.

The first is the daily reset time, which usually Mobile Legends players are waiting for a reset to complete daily tasks in Mobile Legends. Well, the daily task reset aims to get you a lot of BP and other prizes.

Now that way, you certainly already understand when the daily reset is in the Mobile Legends game. Make sure that you write it down if you often forget it! In addition to the daily reset, apparently, there is also a weekly reset in the Mobile Legends game as follows.

Mobile Legends Weekly Reset Time

The weekly rest is quite different from the daily reset, which for the week is usually used to reset the title in Mobile Legends. Each title that you have will continue to be updated every week.

Well, the reset schedule itself is usually on Monday Monday at 06:00 in the morning. You can already see the reset on your title in Mobile Legends. Well, usually for those who often play ranked, this is much sought after in Mobile Legends.

To find out whether it has been reset or not. You can check it yourself on your profile menu, then, click on the menu in your profile section, then you can see what heroes get the title.

Every time you win, the title will get higher and lower if you lose, for the next week, the title will not experience any changes, so next Monday, the title will be reset again.

By knowing the explanation above, of course you have managed to find out the daily and weekly reset schedule in the Mobile Legends game. The goal is to provide useful information for all gamers.

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