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The Latest Features Of Magic Sentry Mobile Legends 2022

Mobile Legends has released a lot of the latest updates that are very easy. Even with the presence of the latest Magic Sentry Mobile Legends (ML) feature, it makes us really curious to try it. Because these features will certainly help you when competing later.

Moreover, there are also several events that provide lots of cool prizes, if you finish all of them easily. Because of the events that are appearing now, it turns out that there will be some good updates that you can play right now.

Of course, the presence of the  Mobile Legends x Star Wars Collaboration is a cool gift that you must get. Joining an event like this later will certainly make the players even cooler prizes because they are related to Collaboration.

Due to the latest Magic Sentry Mobile Legends (ML) feature, this will also show a wider map later. It is a feature that is so felt, so you yourself can certainly be interested in trying it yourself.

The latest features of Magic Sentry Mobile Legends (ML)

In the latest update for Advance server some time ago. There is an update that can be considered quite useful for you in the future because with this feature you can see the map more clearly

This Magic Sentry feature is an experimental adjustment to the latest MLBB patch which is currently only available on Advance Server.

This feature will be a new mechanic that will be applied to the battlefield in the MLBB game later.

Through the contents in the latest patch notes for advance server, Mobile Legends introduces the following new features:

Experimental Adjustments: In this Patch, we introduce the Magic Sentry feature to the battlefield.

When the team's side lane Inner Turret is destroyed, Magic Sentry will appear behind the Base wall on the corresponding side. Allied heroes can step on Magic Sentry to activate it.

Once activated, Magic Sentry will illuminate the allied Forest area on the corresponding side, granting vision for 6s. Magic Sentry can only be activated once every 90 seconds

Named Magic Sentry, this mechanic can be used to show the part of the forest you have from the base, to show where enemy players are hiding or stealing your team's buffs.

By standing for 1-2 seconds, players will collect the energy in your base which is then thrown into the jungle part of your team, showing and opening the map without any danger of being hit by a gank from the enemy.

This effect lasts for a few seconds and shows your jungle to the lord or turtle. By using this feature, players can minimize being hit by ganks in the mid-late game when the towers you have are only 5 pieces.

Of course, this Magic Sentry feature will provide a new battlefield mechanism and a new experience in MLBB games. That's an explanation of the latest Magic Sentry Mobile Legends (ML) feature. With these new features, of course, it will benefit you later when you compete later. Can't wait to try it when it's released?

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