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The appearance of a Free Fire Dinosaur Illusion Bundle

Free Fire has released many of the latest updates that are following the cool developments for the game now. Even for the Dinosaur Illusion Free Fire (FF) Bundle, the Strongest Illusion is very easy to confuse the enemy. Because indeed with the emergence of this Bundle, maybe it will provide a good collection again.

Then there are some events that have become more and more, so we can immediately have a lot of prizes. Of course, there will be lots of new things to come from here, so we can try it right away and have a variety of cool prizes like this.

Because of the Booyah Adha 2022 Free Fire Event Schedule, you can immediately give lots of cool prizes for us to use. And the emergence of missions that appear to provide various challenges, can make players more enthusiastic and easy to play the game too.

Even the appearance of a Dinosaur Illusion Free Fire (FF) Bundle, will indeed help players have something like this. Moreover, to try out a new bundle like that, we'll be able to see what it looks like now.

Bundle Dinosaur Illusion Free Fire (FF)

The presence of a Free Fire Dinosaur Illusion Bundle is indeed quite cool, so we can see it first. This latest bundle is like giving the illusion of an eye to the player or enemy while competing later.

Has no Effects at all from this new Bundle, despite having an Epic Tier rating or purple in the game itself. However, if the parts are only available for the Feet and Shoes section, it means that there is a possibility that the item will be included in the Pants and Shoes Type only.

Then on the front of the pants that we see, it turns out that the Dinosaur Illusion Bundle has a green Dino head. Not a scary face, but like a face that looks funny and smiles like that.\

Then on the back of the head, it's just the pants, so that later you will use it like describing the legs of the Dinosaur. Then there is a Leg that appears at the waist, it is a doll's leg which is like an illusion for us to ride this animal.

On the foot is a shoe with a green foot image that follows the Costume Bundle like this. It looks pretty cool too, if you really want to get the gift right now.

The appearance of this Bundle is simple, it can even be the Best Free Fire Bundle that has ever appeared. The problem is that the illusion that Dino gives is certainly very easy for us to use, not only that, it is likely to appear in free events.

Because we don't have a full slot bundle, so we can have it more easily. Because right now there are still many events that are slowly coming, you have to be patient and you will definitely get the main prize very easily.

An Illusion Bundle like this may be present in the Free Fire game in the future, in addition to the Dinosaur theme. What will it be like, maybe it will bring another theme that is much cooler and may have a picture of a more diverse bundle of types.

Not a few of the updates that will appear next, maybe it will be even more exciting with this existing event. Because according to Esportsku, there are still interesting things that we can find out in the future.

Especially for the Dinosaur Illusion Free Fire (FF) Bundle, it's a cool bundle that has clear illusions. The appearance of your character using this bundle will look even cooler, it doesn't even feel difficult when the event appears.

Even the presence of a Way to Get the Lord Baroque Free Fire Bundle , it turns out that this is a special gift that you must use. If you use a Bundle like that, surely the Cowo character will look stronger and more handsome, of course.

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