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List of Hero Combo Popol and Kupa Mobile Legends 2022

Popol and Kupa are marksman heroes who have flexible abilities, they can be support, core, or tanker. This is the best Popol and Kupa combo hero in Mobile Legends.

Using a combo hero can be done when teamfight, to produce high damage, players can use two heroes in one attack, so the opponent will find it difficult to dodge.

This time we will provide recommendations for the best Popol and Kupa combo heroes that you can use in the Mobile Legends game. Check out the full review as follows.

Hero Combo Popol and Kupa Mobile Legends

Listen, to the best combo hero Popol and the Kupa in Mobile Legends below.


The first Popol and Kupa combo hero is Uranus, one of the tank heroes who have the ability to regenerate, this hero is very strong and hard to beat.

With his HP regen ability, Uranus will be very difficult to beat, this will be very suitable if it is a cover for Popol and Kupa heroes. Thanks to Uranus, Popol and Kupa will be protected from enemy attacks.

At the same time, Popol and Kupa will also help Uranus in covering damage, so the combo of the two can be very effective in Mobile Legends.


If Popol and Kupa are used as tanks, Hanabi will be very suitable to be combined with him. Hanabi's ability can give a spreading attack effect.

So, with the help of Popol and Kupa who can protect Hanabi, you can use his basic attacks to attack opponents with a large area.

This Basic Attack can spread to nearby targets, while Popol and Kupa will help divert the opponent's attack and guard Hanabi.


These two heroes have identical abilities, both can summon which will allow them to double their attacks.

Zhask will take out his Joni, then Popol will take out the Kupa, so the opponent will be difficult to fight because they are fighting four people at once.

With this, the opponent will be difficult to defend, and you can attack the target more easily and defeat him.


Then the next Popol and Kupa combo hero is Tigreal, a tank hero who has very good initiation abilities, you can use Popol and Kupa as attackers.

Target the opponent using Tigreal's ultimate attack to stop him, finally, attack with Popol and Kupa so that the opponent immediately loses.


Popol and Kupa can help to give CC effects on their opponents, this ability can be obtained on the Trap owned by their skills.

That way, the opponent will stop, and then Franco can use the hook to pull him. In addition, the Kupa attack can also stop the opponent by giving a taunt and slow effect.


Popol will have great power if Combo is with Angela because we can use the hero to move forward without fear. Because Angela gives a lot of Buff, we can direct the Kupa easily in the face of enemies.

This way the Popol Kupa Combo with Angela is also delicious, especially the CC that Angela has can make the opponent not move. Then continue with the CC Effect that Popol and Kupa have used Ultimate and Skill 1.


If confining the enemy helped Popol and Kupa, then Silvanna could be one of those Combos now. Relying on her ultimate skill, Silvana can catch one enemy and lock her up for a few seconds. This is a good opportunity for Popol and Kupa to attack.

We can still attack the enemy easily, even Popol who is able to make Kupa rage and give Stun using Skill 1. The barrage of attacks from Silvanna and from Popol and Kupa is indeed quite helpful to each other.


Terizla's Ultimate Skill is indeed very good at capturing enemies, so this Combo is indeed suitable for Popol and Kupa though. Especially if you really want to help each other, you can attack the enemy simultaneously with the Ultimate Combo to make the opponent even more cornered.

Especially if you're doing War, surely a Combo like this feels very strong and quite deadly. It's just that you have to pay attention to the right timing, so you can give a much better attack when facing the enemy.


This hero is good at catching enemies, so Popol and Kupa won't be too difficult to catch them. The problem is Diggie with Skill 2, will provide a time trajectory that makes the opponent trapped. If they get out of this skill circle, they will return to their original place.

Of course, this way both of them will help each other's Combo, so Popol and Kupa won't be too difficult to face the enemy. Because from those of you who feel helped, it will be very easy.


Fighters who have a large number of CC abilities, of course, Chou is able to help Popol and Kupa to do deadly combos. Of course, if we give a deadly attack like this, it will make Chou kidnap the opponent and we can kill him easily.

Chou must be able to get a target close so that we can launch a deadly attack. Popol and Kupa are ready to wait for the enemy Chou kidnapped to come, at the right time you can appear and give a surprise attack.

So that's all for the recommendation for the Popol and Kupa combo hero in Mobile Legends that you can use, hopefully, it's useful and see you soon.

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