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Latest Update Ultimate Odette Mobile Legends 2022

Moonton currently presents four revamp heroes, One of them is  Odette, as a Mage hero who has been around for a long time in MLBB, is a little weak in team battles, especially in higher rank matches. This time there is the latest Ultimate Odette Mobile Legends (ML) update.

Currently, Odette is relatively difficult to control some targets. As the main source of his attacks, Odette relies heavily on Ultimate abilities which have attacks with extensive damage, but Odette is very vulnerable to enemy attacks.

This often forces him who is a mage to take risks to attack further into the enemy formation when he wants to bring out his Ultimate.

In addition, the use of the battle spell Flicker is also almost a must for him. Moonton seems to want to improve Odette's crowd control abilities in his latest revamp, especially in team fights, and make his Ultimate casting more flexible.

Update terbaru Ultimate Odette Mobile Legends (ML)

Moonton presents a new patch that releases Odette's ultimate skill revamp with the same effect. Making him the most unreasonable hero right now!

Odette, before the revamp is a hero who must be on guard when using her ultimate. This is because he is very vulnerable to CC effects which can eventually make his skills unusable.

However, in the latest update provided by Moonton, Odette can now cast her Ultimate skill, create a clone in the middle of a match, to give the same ultimate effect, and cannot be targeted.

Although Odette With high damage and a large range. Odette's user must be careful when he has to enter the war because the skills he uses can be stopped with Crowd Control effects in any form. So with this, it is rare for Odette to pick the hero because of its very low effectiveness.

But with the changes, this time makes Odette a little safer than before. Because with the magic clone he currently has, he can avoid the Crowd Control effect from his opponent.

But the latest update is indeed still on the Advance Server which is still being tested on this matter. Moonton also stated that the latest revamp is still in experimental form.

So what do you think about the latest revamp of Odette's hero? The changes given are indeed quite large for the hero, of course, they will change the gameplay of Odette's hero in the future. And then now you don't attach your body to use ultimately. Odette's Ultimate Skill already has magic clone abilities and deals area damage as before.

That way, Odette will get better at launching attacks and may enter meta if this patch is released. That's the latest Ultimate Odette Mobile Legends update. Does the change in Odette make the hero meta later?

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