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EZ win! These are the 5 Best Bruno Counter Heroes in Mobile Legends

Bruno is one of the Marksman heroes in Mobile Legends who have extraordinary mobility. This hero is equipped with a useful escape ability.

Even though Bruno is a deadly hero, that doesn't mean he can't be defeated. Therefore, on this occasion, we want to tell you some heroes that can be used to counter Bruno Mobile Legends. Want to know what the heroes are? Come on, just take a look at the following review.

Bruno Mobile Legends Counter Using This Hero

To have the following heroes, make sure you've done the Mobile Legends diamond top-up. Because to get these heroes you have to exchange a number of diamonds or Battle Points.

1. Hayabusa

The first hero that you can use to counter Bruno Mobile Legends is Hayabusa. Hayabusa is the right choice when dealing with Bruno. This Hero Assassin has the skill to be able to approach Bruno easily.

In addition, the damage generated from the Hayabusa skill is very deadly for Bruno Mobile Legends. This is not without reason, because Hayabusa can launch his combo skill to attack Bruno. With burst damage that hurts very much, Bruno can be defeated by him easily.

2. Lancelot

The next hero that you can use to counter Bruno in Mobile Legends is Lancelot. Just like Hayabusa, Lancelot is also one of the assassin heroes who has great agility and damage.

Lancelot can take advantage of his one skill in approaching Bruno easily. After that Lancelot can also use his ultimate skill to give Bruno burst damage.

The two Lancelot skills themselves can also be used to be immune to Bruno's attacks properly. Therefore, Lancelot is one of the options in countering the Bruno Mobile Legends hero because of its advantages.

3. Echo

Kaja is the next Bruno Mobile Legends counter hero because he has various skills that can make Bruno's hero helpless. Hero Kaja is a Fighter role hero who has very deadly skills when dealing with Bruno Mobile Legends.

One of the skills is being able to kidnap heroes secretly. Therefore, heroes like Bruno can be easily defeated by him. Because Kaja will focus on ambushing you secretly and will continue to annoy Bruno until the game is over.

4. Natalia

Bruno's next counter hero is Natalia. Similar to Kaja's hero, Natalia is also a hero who can steal enemy heroes secretly. Natalia's ability is supported by her passive skill that can disappear and can attack with her burst damage.

Therefore, Natalia's hero is a very real threat to Mage users or Marksman users, including Bruno's hero, who is definitely Natalia's main target to kill her.

5. Chou

No wonder Chou is also one of the counter heroes that is quite deadly for Bruno Mobile Legends. The reason is that the hero who is able to counter almost all Mobile Legends heroes has the ability to have crowd control skills that are very deadly for his opponent.

In addition, Chou can also avoid Bruno's attack skills easily using his second skill. And Chou's combo skill can also be used to give Bruno burst damage to kill him quickly and easily.

Well, those are some heroes that you can use to counter Bruno Mobile Legends. I wonder if you are dealing with Bruno, which hero will you choose?

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