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Easy Savage! These are good tips for using Moskov Mobile Legends

Moskov is one of the strongest Marksman heroes in Mobile Legends . This hero has very painful damage and very annoying Crowd Control effects.

Well, for those of you who want to use the Moskov hero, here is what summarizes some good tips for using the Moskov Mobile Legends hero that you can apply in the game.

5 Tips to Be Good at Using Moskov Mobile Legends

For those of you who want to learn to use this Marksman hero , make sure you already have it. To have this hero, you must exchange a number of Battle Points or Diamonds. So make sure you've done the Mobile Legends diamond top up first!

1. Understand Moskov's Skills

To be able to use this hero, make sure you understand the skills that Moskov has. The explanation of Moskov's skills is as follows:

Spear of Quiescence (Passive): Moskov's Basic Attack can penetrate the target and deal Physical Damage to enemies behind him. If Basic Attack hits the target, the cooldown of "Abyss Walker" and "Spear of Misery" will be reduced by 0.8 seconds.

Abyss Walker (Skill 1): Moskov moves to the specified location, increasing his Attack Speed ​​to 1.4 times for 3 seconds. In addition, his Basic Attack deals 10% more damage to enemies behind the target.

Spear of Misery (Skill 2): ​​Moskov attacks the opponent with full power, dealing physical damage and causing a knockback effect to the target. The target position will be visible for 5 seconds. If the target collides with another enemy hero while being knocked back, both will receive physical damage and be stunned for 1.5 seconds. If the target Hero collides with a wall, they will be stunned for 1.5 seconds.

Spear of Destruction (Skill 3): After a brief charge, Moskov casts the Spear of Destruction, dealing Physical Damage to enemies along a straight line. Upon hitting an enemy hero, the spear will explode, dealing the same amount of damage to the target and physical damage to enemies behind them. At the same time, it slows down enemy heroes and enemies behind them by 30% -90% (scaled by flight distance) for 1.5 seconds.

2. Keep Attack Distance

The next tip when using Moskov is to keep your distance when carrying out attacks. Because as we know, Marksman heroes are very vulnerable to Crowd Control effects and are also easily targeted by opposing heroes.

Therefore, so that you can provide attacks effectively, it is better to always maintain a safe position from the reach of your opponent. You can take cover behind the Tank hero or Support hero who can protect you.

3. Stun the Opponent towards the Wall

Give the Stun effect to the opponent is the next tip when using Moskov. As much as possible you issue the Spear of Misery skill towards the opponent who is near the wall or walk hand in hand.

Because the opponent is affected by the Stun effect, it will be easy for you to finish him off. You can rely on Bush or grass that is close to the wall area to launch a surprise attack.

4. Use Ultimate at the Right Time

Moskov's Spear of Destruction skill can attack enemies along its path. With this skill, you can attack your opponent from a distance. But for sure, it's good for you to issue these skills at the right time.

You can issue this skill when other team members are in war or team fight. With the help of these skills, you can help the team win the battle, even if you are lucky, you can also get kills.

5. Use the Right Moskov Build Combination

The next tip for those of you who want to learn the Moskov hero is to use the right Moskov build . Because with the right Moskov build support, it will be easy for you to finish off your opponent.

Well, those are some tips for using Moskov Mobile Legends that you can apply in the game.

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