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Easy Booyah Tips in Rampage New Mode United Free Fire

As you already know, Free Fire has just released the Evo Bundle Mars War Clasher which is the main character in the Rampage United 2022 event. This event is event that marked the annual Free Fire event is still not over. In addition to presenting the main event Rampage United 2022, Free Fire also released a new model, namely Rampage United Free Fire.

As the name suggests, this mode is a special mode for the Rampage United 2022 Free Fire event. This mode brings a new game system and is different from previous editions of Rampage modes which makes this mode very interesting for you to try.

So, here will discuss tips on how to win in the new Rampage United Free Fire mode. Want to know how? Let's take a look at the following review, OK!

Tips for Winning in the New Rampage United Free Fire (FF) Mode

If you don't have the strongest character in Free Fire to play in this Rampage: United Free Fire mode, then you can top up the Free Fire diamond first.

Because to have the strongest character you are required to exchange it for a number of diamonds. If so, you can use these characters and follow these tips.

1. Buying the Right Weapon

The first step to winning in Rampage United Free Fire (FF) mode is to buy the right Resources. With the coins you have, you have to be very careful in buying the right Resources in order to have an attack that is deadly enough for your opponent.

As is known, the Rampage United Free Fire mode is more inclined to close combat that relies on teamwork between teams. Therefore, securing several melee-type weapons such as Shotgun weapons or SMG weapons with several supporting utilities can be the best choice when you use them.

2. Fighting at close range

As is known, sometimes there are players who are afraid of fighting at close range. Therefore, it is highly recommended for you if you want to win the battle in Rampage United Free Fire mode with close combat.

Because by fighting at close range, the greater your chances of winning the battle in that mode. You can use melee weapons to win the battle.

3. Securing Manuscripts Quickly

The final step for you to win the battle in the new Rampage United Free Fire mode is to quickly secure the manuscript and protect the players who hold it. The main mission in Rampage United mode is to secure the available Manuscripts or copies of the Rampage Book and then copy them in the areas marked in red.

Here you are required to be quick to secure the manuscript and bring it to the red zone area. Where you and your friends have their respective roles and duties to hold the manuscript, and protect the manuscript holder and help him survive as long as possible in the designated area to get a lot of points.

So, those are the tips for winning in the new Rampage United Free Fire mode that you can try. So, what do you think? Interested to try it or not.

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