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Ancient Totem Mobile Legends 2022

Mobile Legends has released a lot of the latest very cool updates for you to try. Even the appearance of Ancient Totem Mobile Legends (ML), became a cool skin that was no less cool too. Especially for the prizes that we will get right now, they have a very cool appearance from here.

The updates that have appeared now are many and exciting if you complete every existing Mission. It turns out that they have released some of the newest Missions that already exist so that you can immediately have a decent new gift from Mobile Legends.

Considering the Mobile Legends x Star Wars collaboration, it's a good event that you can try right now. Some of the themes and prizes for events like this are really fun, we can immediately have this grand prize very easily.

Because now there is Ancient Totem Mobile Legends (ML), it does have a good overview of events for us to try. Because for some events that you can really try until we find the new update so the new update already exists.

Ancient Totem Mobile Legends (ML)

With the presence of an Ancient Totem Mobile Legends Skin, it turns out that we can immediately try the latest updates that already exist. The problem is with the appearance of the Ancient Totem, it will definitely make Hero Grock look very cool with his new appearance.

So this is the Skin Season 24 of Mobile Legends, Grock Ancient Totem which is present for free in the Rank reset prize. So if you really want to have a gift like that, it will take a long time and at most, it will reappear again in Premium Rare Skin Fragments now.

The appearance of Ancient Totem Mobile Legends itself has a very cool picture and an interior theme. The Aztecs are indeed similar to that theme, even if according to my Esports this is like a very strong forest protector.

No enemy would dare to come and interfere, because the summoned Ancient Totem had resurrected. Grock's appearance with the Ancient Totem Skin is indeed cool, his whole body is a slightly mossy stone with an ancient wooden mask.

As well as a weapon that is able to issue a fire with a very strong wooden and stone dragon head. Of course, the Ancient Totem itself will make this Grock we use, it will definitely become easier to deal with so many enemies too.

According to my Esports, the appearance of the Grock Ancient Totem itself is indeed very good for you to use later. It will certainly give a very strong attack effect too when we start to enter into a match with the Hero.

If you really like Skin like this now, it will definitely give a pretty cool impression for you to try now. The problem is that the appearance of Skin Season 24 now, it can make players an advantage in battles that definitely feels very different.

This skin is only available for those of you who have reached Master Rank and above, receive the Ancient Totem Skin directly. It will definitely give you a cool gift right away, apart from only being able to receive the latest Ancient Totem from a feature like this.

After knowing Ancient Totem Mobile Legends (ML), you can just see it and you will immediately understand all this. Because there are still a few things we can try now with this skin appearance.

Also understand Tips for Playing Hero Grock Mobile Legends, so that your ability to fight very well without any mistakes at all. If you have good skin, but you can't do it very well, just practice first.

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