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3 Tricks You Should Avoid When Playing Football Manager Game

Like a game in the real world, often novice players find it difficult to play the Football Manager game made by Sports Interactive. So, they slowly look for easy ways or even, cheating and illegal ways to make the gameplay of the game easier.

In your opinion, what illegal tricks are usually done by Football Manager players? Here are the lists.

1. Take advantage of the Save and Load feature

You may not infrequently find a team that can match, or even dismantles your design tactics and formations. Which of course will bring your team to defeat. Even worse, your club can be slaughtered by more than 3 goals.

Football Manager is a game that we can say, does not have an autosave feature. So that the process of saving game progress is still done manually. Not infrequently people take advantage of the Load & Save feature in the hours before the match.

2. Using FM Editor

The Football Manager game database has always been easy for players to edit . Not to mention, FM currently has an additional feature called FM Editor, which can make players change the existing order. Such as name, age, market price, and salary.

Even more terrible, the use of FM Editor from series to series is getting easier. So it is not uncommon for us to be tempted to try to use this feature.

3. Add the New Manager feature

Usually, this feature is always done by Football Manager players when the transfer window arrives. They will add a new manager and assign him to coach the team whose players you are after. What is the purpose?

The goal is to make the morale of your target player decrease and make him want to leave the team. So that when an offer comes, your target player does not ask for excessive demand .

Even the salary could be down from what he got from the previous team. So that you can streamline the process of transferring your target players easily through the Add New Manager feature earlier.

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