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These are the benefits of killing the Lord in Mobile Legends

God is a very important objective. Those who have played Mobile Legends for a long time must have known that this Lord is one of the keys to winning the game. But sometimes there are some players who do not take the Lord to win the game. This time we will discuss the benefits of killing Lord in Mobile Legends.

Curious, what benefits will you get by killing God? If so, let's look at the discussion below.

Here are the Benefits of Killing God in Mobile Legends

You need to remember, that this Lord appears after the Turtle, and just like the Turtle. Lord appears for 3 times and of course to kill this Lord is difficult, because of his thick blood and painful damage, so if you want to kill Lord you have to be busy.

As we know the benefits of killing the Lord are, that Lord will help the team to push the opponent's turret. Of course, this is a common thing that is already known, especially by Mobile Legends players.

However, it turns out that there are other benefits besides helping the team to push the opponent's turret, which is being able to help your team win the war. The thing is when a war occurs, both teams will exert all their strength, and the team that gets the Lord will definitely get help from the Lord to attack the enemy team.

Besides being able to help the team to push the opponent's turret and help win the war, apparently, God also makes the Minions stronger. Indeed this is not so visible. But when your team gets Lord, then you can feel that your Minions are getting stronger and faster to destroy the opponent's turret.

Now seeing this explanation, we can conclude that God is very important and is the main key to winning the game. So it's good if you have entered the Late Game, you have to get Lord.

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