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List of Best Homer Character Pets Free Fire 2022

Free Fire has released a lot of the latest very cool updates for you to try. Then there are the 5 Best Free Fire (FF) Homer Character Pets, which will help players become stronger in the competition. Because the ability of Homer will be supported by this Pet, it is not too difficult to use it later.

As a very strong Pet ability, so that later it won't be too difficult for you to use characters when playing. Because some of the Pets that we often encounter will give something quite a strength to help players win.

Especially for the existing Free Fire Best Pet, it will provide even stronger playing opportunities. Because of the great power with the addition of the Skill itself, it will definitely help you to more easily face the game in any mode.

Then for the 5 Best Free Fire (FF) Homer Character Pets, it turns out that there are several Pets suitable for these characters. The more you control it the better, then Homer with this Pet will be more suitable to be able to win in the match.

5 Best Homer Character Pet Free Fire (FF)


The first pet that my Esports thinks fits Homer is Rockie because his Skill reduces the character's cooldown. Now the Cooldown percentage that will decrease when you use the Pet Rockie will definitely help players to use the Skill faster.

Because indeed Pet Rockie will speed up the Cooldown of Homer's character, it will definitely make you feel better. Even in conditions like this, it is also clear that you yourself will find it easy to Spam Drones in the match later.


Then Pet Panda is also compatible with Homer's character, as an Assassin, he will always eliminate enemies. Because Panda will give Heal to players if they manage to kill using any form of weapon.

So don't be too confused about using Pet Panda with Homer, so you can easily deal with every opponent. Because it will make us last longer when we have fought the enemy so that you only have to heal the rest.

Mr. Waggor

If you want to have really good protection, then Mr. Waggor will be a good Pet for that. Because every time you take it to a match, it will definitely give you a Gloo Wall to be a cool additional Stock like this.

Then to get Mr. Waggor's prize, it will definitely provide good protection and is also very strong. Maybe you can also find out How to Use Gloo Wall Free Fire, so you won't be wrong in facing enemies with Wagor and Homer later.

Free Fire's Best Homer Character Pet is Dreki

Of course, Homer's character will be helped if he is together with Pet Dreki when competing later. Because Dreki will have a very good ability, so you will also find it easier to find enemies who directly use the Medic Kit.

So, if you use Homer's Skill and find an enemy, then the explosion and damage can make them panic. When they hide and use heal items, we can find out the position with Pet Dreki and just attack it.


As a good Support Pet in the game, even Ottero will also help Homer to become even stronger. When you have fought the battle, then you can just Heal and Ottero increases the EP.

So that you don't run out of cellphones and take care of the Medic Kit when you use it so that you are also stronger than before.

After knowing the 5 Best Homer Character Pets in Free Fire (FF), you won't find it difficult when you compete later. Because the ability of the Pet will make you fast and easy so that we can use the Pet to be even better.

Then for the Homer Free Fire Character Combination, it will make it easier for you to play. The battles that have occurred in this game will make you stronger and it will not be difficult to face every enemy.

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