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How to get the Golden Cipher Scorpion Skin on PUBG Mobile

This season, PUBG Mobile is offering the Golden Cipher Scorpion weapon skin. In this article, we will provide tips on how to get the  Golden Cipher Scorpion skin.

PUBG Mobile is a shooter game in the battle royale genre. The advantage of this game is the realistic gameplay.

Even so, PUBG Mobile still provides skins. However, the function of using skins in this game is only as a cosmetic.

That means the use of skins in PUBG Mobile will not have an effect on character skills and weapon stats.

Every season PUBG Mobile brings new skins through seasonal offers and events. This is where we can find skins with new, more varied themes.

How to get the Golden Cipher Scorpion Skin on PUBG Mobile

The presence of the Golden Cipher Scorpion weapon skin in PUBG Mobile makes the weapon look interesting. For those of you who want to get it, you can follow the tips below.

The Golden Cipher weapon skin is arriving in the current PUBG Mobile game via an exclusive Golden Cipher Crate offer. The availability period is from 23 May to 12 June 2022.

In this offer, of course, the main prize is the Golden Cipher Scorpion weapon skin. With this skin, the Scorpion weapon comes with a gold theme that makes it elegant.

Scorpion weapons come in a combination of gold, white, and black colors. Interestingly, there is a  cipher which is a password roll in the body.

Through upgrades, the Scorpion weapon can look elegant. With the upgrade, the weapon will perform optimally with a display full of gold.

In addition, there is also another main prize in this offer, namely a Disco Champ suit complete with a hat. This suit comes with a slightly quirky look because it has a rather striking gold color.

Then there is the Blissful backpack skin, Flying Furnance ornament skin, Crescent Death Touch skin, and Shadow Killer mask skin complete with Shadow Killer suit.

As for how to get it, you can directly visit the Golden Cipher Crate page in the PUBG Mobile game.

Then you can draw on this offer. Do a draw once at a price of 60 UC and draw  10 times at once for 540 UC.

How to Upgrade the Golden Cipher Scorpion Skin

When drawing in the Golden Cipher Chest offer, players can only get the  Golden Cipher Scorpion skin with a basic appearance or basic level.

This Scorpion skin has 5 levels that players can upgrade. There are three display levels, namely standard appearance, sophisticated appearance, and final form.

Meanwhile, there are two levels of features that players can upgrade,  namely the kill effect and the kill message from this Golden Cipher Scorpion skin.

Now to upgrade,  players can enter the Lab. The trick is to upgrade using Paint and Materials items. Each level requires both of these items with a certain amount.

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