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How to Get Flamewraith Bundle in PUBG Mobile 2022

The Flamewraith suit that is rumored to be of X-Suit-like quality has now arrived in the PUBG Mobile game. This time we will share tips on how to get the  Flamewraith bundle and all the skin prizes available in the offer.

PUBG Mobile is a shooter game in the battle royale genre. The advantage of this game is the realistic gameplay.

Even so, PUBG Mobile still provides skins. However, the function of using skins in this game is only as a cosmetic.

That means the use of skins in PUBG Mobile will not have an effect on character skills or weapon stats

Every season, PUBG Mobile brings new skins through seasonal offers and events.

Among the skins available in this game, X-Suit is the most luxurious skin. The advanced skin of this outfit has a complex look but still has excellent detail.

Recently there have been leaks that PUBG Mobile will present a  skin that has details as complex as X-Suit.

Finally, the skin offering has arrived in the current game under the name of the Flamewraith suit. So is the skin as good as the one that was leaked? 

How to Get Flamewraith Bundle in PUBG Mobile

The leaked Flamewraith suit that looks as good as the X-Suit has now arrived in the PUBG Mobile game. As for how to get the Flamewraith bundle, you can read the following tips.

The suit arrives in the game via a special Flame Devil offer. The availability period is quite long, from May 17 to June 15, 2022.

In this special offer, there are several main prizes. The most important, of course, is the Flamewraith suit, which is said to have a design as good as the X-Suit.

The image above is a screenshot of the Flamewraith setting. When viewed from the design, of course, the X-Suit has a more complex design than after this.

Especially because the X-Suit has exclusive features and players can upgrade to get the most complex final look.

This Flamewraith suit features a black cloak with flame patterns on many sides. Then there is a bird's beak ornament on the shoulder of the robe.

To make it even more terrifying, this suite is equipped with a scary mask with red eyes in keeping with the fire theme it carries.

From the above view of course we agree that this Flamewraith suit does not have a design as complex and detailed as the X-Suit.

The appearance is indeed interesting, but when compared, the X-Suit is still better.

Also present in this offer is a  weapon skin with a similar theme, namely the  Flamewraith M416 skin. Now the assault rifle  (AR) weapon gets a new skin that has an attractive appearance.

Here the weapon that is familiarly called the M4 gets the appearance of fire. What makes it unique is the magazine section of the weapon which has a Flamewraith-style flame pattern.

Unfortunately, this weapon skin cannot be upgraded by players. That means this is the final look of the  Flamewraith M416 skin.

In addition to the two main prizes, there are also other skin prizes that players can get from this offer. Such as the Flamewraith parachute skin,  Flamewraith smoke grenade skin,  Flamewraith backpack skin, Flamewraith ornaments, and the Flamewraith exclusive emote.

As for how to get the Flamewraith bundle, you have two ways, which are as follows.

Doing a Draw in the Flame Devil Event

The first way is to draw in the Flame Devil event, an offer that provides Flamewraith settings.

Enter the PUBG Mobile game and then enter the offer page. Their players will find offers for the Flamewraith suit.

Furthermore, on the offer page, players can immediately draw by issuing UC at a certain price. For the first raw trial every day, players only need to spend 10 UC. But the price once this raw will return to normal to the price of 60 UC.

While for the experiment 10 times draw, players can spend 540 UC. This way players can save 10% instead of trying it once in raw.

There are many prizes in this offer. Including the presence of gift items that are present for a certain duration.

With the g atcha system in effect, players must be ready to drain their pockets deeper because the possibility of being able to get the main prize has a small chance.

Purchase at the Flame Devil Event Shop

In the Flame Devil offer, there is an event item prize, namely the Flamewraith gem. This item is useful for buying gifts at the event shop. 

With this event item, every draw that players make in the Flame Devil offer will not be in vain. Players can still exchange event items from this special offer by purchasing gift items in the event shop.

Compared to other offers that have an event shop in it, at this Flame Devil event, the prize price is relatively cheap.

To buy the Flamewraith suit, players just need to buy it with 6 iFlamewraith gem themes. As for the M416 Flamewraith skin, it only requires 4 Flamewraith gem items.

That small amount actually shows that to get 1 Flamewraith gem in the Flame Devil event is a difficult thing.

In this event shop, players can also get exclusive emotes from Flamewraith suits. The price is also very affordable, which is 1  item of Flamewraith gems.

That's information about the Flamewraith suit, which is touted as a suit with design quality like the X-Suit. It also explains two ways you can do to get these settings. Unfortunately, both settings andThe weapon skin cannot be upgraded, so the way to get it is certainly not as expensive as the X-Suit.

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