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Here's the Battle Spell Hero Julian Mobile Legends 2022

Mobile Legends has released a lot of the latest very cool updates for you to try right away. Even the presence of 5 Battle Spell Hero Julian Mobile Legends (ML), will become a very strong force. Because using a Battle Spell like that, it will definitely make this Hero even better.

Even with the emergence of events that have appeared now, Mobile Legends will definitely be easier to play too. Because to finish or be diligent in playing the game, can provide a good opportunity for the player when they are competing later.

Just like we know Hero Julian in Mobile Legends because at the beginning of its release it was free for you to own. The appearance of Hero Julian as one of the cool and strong ones is really good for you to use very well.

To make it stronger, also use 5 Battle Spell Hero Julian Mobile Legends (ML), it will definitely make you invincible. Although Julian might be completely overhauled, this Spell might also help his Skill performance and performance much better.

Battle Spell Hero Julian Mobile Legends (ML)


According to Esportsku, the first spell suitable for Julian is Flicker, even if it's from your own strength, it will be very supported. Because Flicker will help Julian when he is fighting enemies, either running away or approaching them to launch Combo attacks.

Yup Flicker is a pretty busy Spell for Hero Julian, even my Esports often find it in matches. We can't predict that it will just come from friends, especially if you have entered the Skill Awakening Stage it will be a real surprise.

Battle Spell Hero Julian Mobile Legends is Aegis

Is one of the heroes that are quite barbaric, but his strength will be better using the Aegis Spell according to my Esports. Because Aegis will help Hero Julian move forward without having to take big damage, you can also easily and safely get away from the enemy's attacks.

But you have to know how to use the Aegis Mobile Legends Spell, so you can do it so safely. That's why it's very important that we are able to defend at the right time and opportunity so that Julian can easily give the best attack.


Julian has very high damage, even his own type as magic damage for a fighter. It will be easier to penetrate the enemy's defense, and will not hinder Execute's power to give deadly attacks.

A spell that will finish off opponents who are trying to escape, it is certain that Execute like this will be a big influence for you to use later. Pretty good and classified as very helpful for Hero Julian users, so as not to let them escape from his deadly skill.

Battle Spell Hero Julian Mobile Legends Is Petrify

A Spell that will give a Stun Effect to enemies around the character, it turns out that Petrify is also pretty good for Julian. So that the hero is able to do a very easy Combo, and it won't be so difficult to deal with existing enemies.

It's just that you also have to use Petrify correctly so that the use of Skills and combos is also the same as Julian. Because it requires the right timing, so something like this will have an effect on Julian against 5 enemies.


Based on my Esports experience, there was once an enemy who used the Flameshot Spell for the Hero Julian. Make it a great power combination, and it's pretty good for you to use even when you're facing a lot of enemies.

So that Flameshot itself has such great power, moreover Julian does support Spell-like that even better. Included in the Flameshot Spell User Hero, Julian is one of the best for that too.

Because indeed 5 Battle Spell Hero Julian Mobile Legends (ML), will really support Julian's game against enemies. Have no hesitation in going forward and facing the existing enemy, because it is quite supportive very well.

Especially learning Tips for Using Hero Julian Mobile Legends, will definitely help when using it when competing. It will feel very easy and fast, if it will use the right Spell and Julian's game.

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