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5 Ways to Get Envelope Free Fire Red Card Tokens 2022

Free Fire has released lots of very cool latest updates for you to try. And there is a way to get the Red Card Envelope Free Fire (FF) Token, so you have a cool gift from this token. Because later the exchange that you will do will definitely produce a skin that is so cool and also has a very cool appearance.

Including providing some challenges to compete, will definitely provide a lot of new items into additional collections. Because for some of the events that have appeared now, it will immediately provide lots of the best results that you can try.

Due to the presence of the Bomb Squad 5v5 Free Fire Event Schedule, there will be lots of cool prizes so you can get lots of prizes. As long as we have to complete the mission itself now, it won't be too difficult to complete all of that in order to receive this new prize.

Then the appearance of How to Get the Red Card Envelope Free Fire (FF) Token, we can try it right away now. Because with the appearance of tokens like this, it will be better and become one of the substitutes for the second main prize.

How to Get Envelope Free Fire (FF) Red Card Tokens

Enter the Free Fire Game

We have to enter the Free Fire game first, before getting this existing Red Card Envelope Token. Only available from 4 – 18 June 2022, we can have the Token to be able to exchange it for prizes.

Choose the Lucky Royale Feature

Furthermore, players can directly select the Luck Royale feature first, then you can immediately choose this feature now. Later when we enter there, we just have to look for the name Katana Edge Royale to get it.

Spin to Get Red Card Envelope Token

Now if you do Spin here, you will definitely get the Red Card Envelope Token right now. Spin 1 time 9 Dm and 5 times 39 Dm, so that we can immediately get the Red Card Token prize that has appeared now.

If you want to have the main skin only

My Esports advice if you want to have the Red Card Envelope Token, then you must have the same intention as the main prize. Because the Katana Green Edge Free Fire is the main prize, we can spin right away and there's definitely a chance to get the token too.

Exchange Gifts in Token Exchange

For example, if you have received this token in large quantities, we can immediately exchange it now. Because it's definitely the same as the main prize like that, it will be even easier when you do it now.

Events that have appeared in the Free Fire game, then you will also have this cool gift from exchanging tokens. For example, you can't get the main prize in Spin, we have a second chance if you really have collected the tokens.

You have to collect the 30 Red Card Envelope Tokens, so you can get the Green Edge Katana Skin right now. It's very easy for you to complete, it's very easy and you have another chance if you fail in the first way.

After knowing how to get the Red Card Envelope Free Fire (FF) Token, you definitely won't find it difficult to get the prize. Just play and have all the prizes, so you can immediately style using the newest Katana Skin.

Then later this is also included as the Best Free Fire Katana Skin, so it's good to be an additional collection. Can provide additional strength to the player, if they use it in the match later.

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