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5 Tips Against Sniper M24 Free Fire 2022

Free Fire has released lots of very cool latest updates for us to try now. Even for 5 Tips to Fight Sniper M24 Free Fire (FF), it will make it easier for you later. Because the M24 Sniper itself is strong enough so you won't have a hard time dealing with it.

Then in the event that has appeared now, it will indeed provide a lot of the latest updates which are really cool. It even makes it easier for you to accept some cool events so that you become more interested in playing them.

Then the appearance of the New Sniper M24 Free Fire Weapon will make it even easier for you to face the enemy. Because there are indeed some good things for you to use, so the Sniper game will make players interested in these weapons.

Even for 5 Tips to Fight Sniper M24 Free Fire (FF), it will help players not to get caught up in their attacks. Because my own Esports is really overwhelmed against M24, but there are still some weaknesses that are really felt.

Tips Against Sniper M24 Free Fire (FF)

Avoid Long Range Combat

If you want to fight Sniper M24, then don't be too far away with this weapon. Especially if you don't have long-range weapons, for example, then a position like this is very detrimental and it won't be easy to fight it either.

Because that's the most important point in fighting Sniper M24, as much as possible don't get in the distance of the attack later. In fact, this becomes something very important, so that later players will not find it difficult to face this enemy.

Tips against Sniper M24 Free Fire is to take advantage of obstacles to fight it

Of course, if you want to fight these long-range weapons, then you have to use Obstacle properly and correctly. Because we understand What Obstacle Free Fire is, so that it won't be difficult for us to deal with it because you can face it.

Of course, similar weapons like the M24 will not be too easy when facing an enemy who uses Obstacle. So that the opportunity to outwit him and face him, it will be easy to fight M24 to not feel difficult at all.

Do it in a rush

So, if the enemy relies on this M24 Weapon, then do the game in Rush to make it easier. If you do that, it's also easy to fight M24 without having to be afraid of being hit by a deadly attack.

But I remind Esports that if an enemy using an M24 is close and attacks you, it must be easy to get close to him. Because if for example the enemy is far away, then you are not easy to do Rush or approach the enemy.

Always Ready to Use Gloo Wall

If you really want to fight Ready to use Gloo Wall now, so that later you won't help protect yourself. Because if you are in a game condition such as in an open area, then you really have to stay alert to fight M24.

Because in that position the enemy will indeed attack easily, but for example Gloo Wall will be a very good barrier. So that we are not too difficult to face M24 enemies, even Gloo Wall itself can still be countered with other attacks.

Pay Attention to Map

You have to know the Damage of the M24 Free Fire Weapon, after knowing this it will be more difficult to fight it. Because by paying attention to the Map too, then you can know the location of the enemy and understand the weapons they use.

The problem is that the incoming damage is in accordance with M24, then this will allow you to see this map better. Because after you have guessed the attack too, it will make it easier for you to face the enemies that exist now.

Because you already know 5 Tips to Fight Sniper M24 Free Fire (FF), then you won't be confused anymore when you face the enemy. Because as a powerful weapon, you won't be too confused when you face it in the game.

Then if you want to try it, understand Tips for Using M24 Free Fire Weapons, it will definitely be very easy and we can try. It will make it easy for you to use it immediately, and it won't be difficult in that regard.

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