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1 Hit Dead! These are the 4 Painful Marksman Rifles in Free Fire

One of the strongest types of weapons in Free Fire is the Marksman Rifle. This weapon has abilities like Sniper weapons in Free Fire that are capable of dealing high damage from a distance.

Well, for those of you who don't know about this weapon, here we will summarize some recommendations for the sickest Marksman Rifle in Free Fire.

Recommendations for the Worst Marksman Rifle in Free Fire

1. SVD

The first recommended Marksman Rifle that you can use in the game is SVD. Compared to other Marksman Rifle weapons, SVD has the strongest damage.

Although deadly, unfortunately, SVD is quite difficult to obtain. Because you can only find SVD in Airdrops or Loot Bounty Tokens. For attachments, SVD can be added with a Silencer, Muzzle, Foregrip, and Magazine to make it a deadly weapon.

2. Woodpecker

The next strongest Marksman Rifle weapon that you can use is the Woodpecker. Compared to SVD, Woodpecker is easier to find in the best loot locations on Free Fire.

The advantage that Woodpecker has is that its Rate of Fire is higher than other Marksman Rifle weapons. With this weapon, you can kill the enemy very easily.

3. SKS

SKS is the next sickest Marksman Rifle weapon that you can rely on in the game. This semi-automatic sniper weapon is equipped with a 4x scope that can be used for medium to long-range battles.

This weapon is very suitable for use by Support Free Fire characters . Because with this weapon, you can back up fire more quickly and accurately.

4. AC80

Even though it has less damage than other Marksman Rifle weapons, AC80 is still one of the best Marksman Rifle weapon choices that you can use. The advantage of this weapon is that it will not hinder your movement.

That way, it will be easy for you when flanking using this AC80 weapon. AC80 you can also add several attachments such as Silencer, and Muzzle, to Foregrip.

Well, those are some of the sickest Marksman Rifle weapons in Free Fire that you can use in the game. Do you think you have a mainstay weapon or not?

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