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Zhask Mobile Legend, Hero with 4 Deadly Skills Tough in Teamfight

Last 2022, Moonton modified Zhask Mobile Legend through skills-his. The modification makes Zhask even cooler. The reason is, Moonton gave a big change to skills active the hero.

There are four skills active Zhask that the enemy fears, namely Nightmaric Spawn, Decimation, Mind Eater, Hive Clones, and Dominator’s Descent. with four skills that too, Zhask gains an equal position with hero Other mages, such as Alice, Aurora, and Odette.

Want to know more about Zhask Mobile Legend 2022? Check out the discussion below!

The Story of Zhask Who Wants to Master the Land of Dawn

zhask mobile legends image

Zhask is one of the Kastiyan who has attacked various civilizations. The Kastiyan people are known to be aggressive, have high survival rates, and have paranormal abilities. With paranormal abilities, this nation conquers other races for its pleasure.

The Kastiyan nation underwent several evolutions so that they were able to manipulate the soul of the Domorey insect. Amazingly, the souls created by Kastiyan were able to destroy various forms of magic and physical protection.

Zhask is one of the Kastiyan people who often send these souls to destroy the world. This antagonist hero has used Argus as a container for the soul. However, Zhask’s sent soul was released when Argus began to submit.

Argus also restores his relationship to Motherbrood. Of course, Argus’ actions made Zhask a little restless. He began to raise awareness of the Land of Dawn.

Zhask’s unrest only lasted for a moment after witnessing the wealth of resources in the Land of Dawn. Instead, he is increasingly ambitious to dominate, kill, torture, and dominate the region. In fact, Zhask has the heart to enslave the minds of the population in order to colonize its resources.

Build Items hurt Hero Zhask

zhask mlbb build

When dealing with Zhask, you have to be careful. The reason is, Zhask has several items with damage hurt. Here is a list Zhask Mobile Legend build recommended.


Windtalker is Zhask Mobile Legend best build money can give +40 Attack Speed ​​to hero Zhask. Because of that, Zhask can create attacks splash only with this item.

Divine Glaive

Divine Glaive has a unique passive Magic PEN. This unique passive function is to avoid the opponent’s Magic Res. The reason is, opponents often buy items with magic high resistance.

In addition, Divine Glaive grants +65 Magic Power and 30% Magic PEN bonus when HP is above 70%.

Holy Crystal

Holy Crystal will work optimally when Zhask’s level increases. Usually, items it adds 100 Magic Damage. Besides that, items can be used to attack opponents in late game.

Swift Boots

Swift Boots is items which can increase Attack Speed ​​and increase Movement. Thus, Zhask can use Spawn’s passive attack to attackstun enemy.

Clock of Destiny

Pairing Zhask with items Clock of Destiny is a way to increase durability. The hero will gain +60 Magic Power and +615 HP.

Not only that, Zhask also gained an additional +600 Mana and mastered skills passive, namely Time and Reincarnate. Time can increase 5 Magic Attack and 30 HP every 30 seconds up to 10 times. Meanwhile, Reincarnate made hero receive 300 Mana and 5% Magic Attack.

Blood Wings

Blood Wings is recommended for Zhask because it gives a relatively large magic effect. The number is approximately 150 with the addition of +500 HP.

Feather of Heaven

Feather of Heaven is items which can increase the ability of Zhask’s three essential attributes. Besides that, items able to increase Attack Speed ​​35%, Magic Power 60 points, and Movement Speed ​​5%.

Fleeting Time

While in late gameFleeting Time becomes items mandatory for Zhask. The reason is, Fleeting Time is able to reduce cooldown ultimate skills. Besides that, items able to increase 70 Magic Power and CD Reduction to 15%.

Zhask’s Weaknesses

Looks fierce and hard to beat, hero Zhask turned out to have many weaknesses. Here are some of Zhask’s weaknesses that you can take advantage of to beat him.

  • Zhask’s body defense is lower than hero Even, gamer consider durability hero this is the weakest.
  • Zhask is hero who need friends. He must cooperate with at least one hero so that his life is longer.
  • Basic attacks Zhask is relatively weak so it is easy to defeat.
  • Zhask has the power of electricity from his wand which is usually used to attack opponents. However, the stick was unable to kill Layla with durability smaller than Zhask.
  • Zhask is difficult to level up when using skills active, namely Nightmaric Spawn otherwise known as tower the hero.
  • Nightmaric Spawn is skills which makes Zhask as hero Sadly, skills it consumes quite a lot of Mana. That is why, bar Mana is reduced by 20% at the start of the game.

Tips for Using Hero Zhask in Games

zhask mlbb skin

Zhask is hero which is easy to play even though it has many drawbacks. Tips for playing hero This is in order to win, one of them is by raising the level. In addition, you can apply solo laning and eat creeps rapidly.

Next tip; when moving together to kill hero enemy, position Zhask behind the Warrior or Tank. You can use any combination skills 1-3-2-Ultimate-1 agar damageis high.

Existence skills Ultimate also helps Dominator’s Descent earn damage bigger. When Nightmaric Spawn is dying, get summon back using the first skill.

Third tip; You must prioritize the order of ability use from skills 4, 1, 2, and 3. Special skills 2, generally synchronizes with Spawn when making laser attacks using skills 2. At that moment, the Spawn robot attacked with skills the same one.

Last tip; make sure when defense tower nor pushyou have installed skills 3, namely mines. Thus, you can slow down the enemy’s movement.

That’s the review about Zhask Mobile Legend, build items, weakness hero, and how to use it to win the game. In addition to these elements, you also have to know Zhask Mobile Legend emblem right.

So, when are you ready to fight in games Mobile Legends?

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