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Z4pnu Clarifies Regarding His Disparaging Words for the Indonesian National Team Games

After the end of MPL in several regions, now the 2022 SEA Games event which also has a Mobile Legends branch will become the next big competition. Prior to the event, one of the biggest rivals of Mobile Legends Indonesia, namely the Philippines, began to aggressively carry out psychological warfare through Z4pnu’s statement.

Yes, Z4pnu, which is one of the Omega Esports players, has recently been widely discussed among the Mobile Legends community in Indonesia. This is because of his statement regarding the comparison of the Philippines and Indonesia Mobile Legends national teams for the 2022 SEA Games.

Worst of all, Z4pnu bluntly revealed that an amateur team in the Philippines could easily beat the Indonesian national team in scrim. Suddenly this has provoked comments from various parties, such as the CEO of RRQ, Sir. AP.

As a result of getting attacks from netizens and the Indonesian Mobile Legends community, Z4pnu also provided clarification on his controversial statement. He revealed this in a video on his Youtube account.

In the video, Z4pnu reveals that he has no intention of attacking the Indonesian national team. The veteran player revealed that he only responded to the opinion of the pillar of Nexplay EVOS, Dogie, who is known to “promote” Indonesia as a strong candidate for gold winner.

“What I said yesterday because Dogie said the Blacklist can’t be champions. So they can’t beat the Indonesian team because based on scrim they. Dogie says they always lose,” he said.

“So what I said was to answer Dogie, not for you (Indonesia). I don’t know how you guys will react to Dogie, nor do I know if that’s not what Dogie said or not. So let’s see who is the strongest later, the Philippines or Indonesia?” he concluded.

The Indonesian National Team in the Mobile Legends branch itself has been confirmed to participate in the upcoming 2022 Hanoi SEA Games. The officially announced roster includes Luminer, R7, Alberttt, Vynn, Sanz, CW and Kiboy.

Will the Indonesian national team be able to win gold and break Z4pnu’s statement? We’ll just have to wait!

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