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Youtuber Kimi Hime Collab with PUBG Mobile Division Team Secret

Who does not know Kimi Hime. This influencer who often does live streaming on Facebook or uploads videos on Youtube often shows his expertise in playing the PUBG Mobile game. Even Kimi Hime had won Tier Conqueror which showed that she was really good at this PUBG Mobile game.

Recently, Kimi Hime collaborated with BiuBiu, MADTOI and iSh0tz from the PUBG Mobile Team Secret Division. Kimi Hime seems to be able to keep up with Team Secret’s game, which makes Team Secret players amazed by Kimi Hime’s skills.

This video also proves that Kimi Hime is not just a gamer who relies on appearances. He can prove that he is able to match the gameplay of the pro players in Tier Ace. This video also received a positive response from PUBG Mobile players and also Team Secret fans.

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