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Xingqiu Best Weapon Recommendation - Genshin Impact

The Genshin Impact support and Sub DPS class can be difficult to pick as builds, especially since they can slide into many different roles. Having choices isn’t a bad thing, but these characters are in a gray area that makes it difficult for you to take your character in one direction or another.

Luckily, with weapons you can make choices, and Genshin Impact has no shortage of optional weapons, were you lucky enough to pull them?

From secondary damage to support, Xingqiu can put his talents to use in certain areas. Working with strong lean elementals and the need to access a constant flow of energy, most weapons will meet that need.

There are a few that stand out as effectiveness, especially when it comes to tough situations where you’re stuck, and need a reliable weapon to fight back on the battlefield to win the fight.

And in this article we will provide recommendations for the best weapons for Xingqiu in Genshin Impact. For those of you who are curious, please take a few minutes to read this article to the end.

5. Skyward Blade

The Skyward Blade was Xingqiu’s best choice for a versatile weapon that could fulfill all his might. Although not the greatest effect, Skyward Blade will give you the most extensive coverage in battle.

Starting with 46 base attacks, making up for Xingqiu’s lack of offensive power. The real kick comes when you use elemental burst, the main power you will use to deal damage, increasing movement and attack speed by 10%.

Working from an already fast attack, you will also get a 20% increase in attack damage for charged attacks and normal attacks for 12 seconds.

The combination of effects will allow you to get more damage in a short time, taking full advantage of the shield he gains with elemental skills.

4. Alley Flash

Alley Flash built on Xingqiu’s strengths instead of covering up her weaknesses, making the best things about her that much more impressive.

Four-star weapons come with 45 base attacks, a useful tool when you’re doing quick attacks. This weapon will recharge your energy, Alley Flash increases elemental mastery and adds some extra kicks to the player’s abilities.

Moving on from the usual build of weapons, what you will lose in quantity can be replaced with large damage that comes when you attack.

Weapon skills have no special use, increasing all damage dealt by the character by 12%, including normal attacks that Xingqiu usually doesn’t have.

You’ll really want to dodge with Alley Flash, if you take any damage then the damage increase will be lost for five seconds, leaving you vulnerable to heavy combination attacks.

3. Sacrificial Sword

Sacrificial Sword’s base attack will not attract your attention with 41 base attacks. The weapon’s strength lay in its synergy with Xingqiu’s weakness, taking gaps in all the right places and creating a balanced duet.

Starting with a 13.3% energy replenishment, replenishing the constantly depleted supply that Xingqiu’s reliance on elemental damage began to use.

Another combat obstacle comes with a long cooldown after elemental skills, dealing significant damage that comes in small bursts.

The Sacrificial Sword skill gives you a 40 percent chance that the cooldown will stop by itself and allows you to continue attacks, doubling damage output and unlocking battle strategies.

Can be used every 30 seconds, Xingqiu’s high attack speed and abilities can fill the gaps left by the Sacrificial Sword, strengthening his status as one of the best weapons for the character.

2. Iron Sting

The choice of a special weapon among Xingqui users, Iron Sting placed all the elemental cards on the table. Starting from the standard zone 42 base attack, and exotic blades come to life with passive effects.

In exchange for energy recharge, players will receive a 36-point increase to their elemental mastery, sending an already powerful hydro attack to the next level.

Stacking can increase each other’s damage, Iron Sting’s ability increases all damage by 6% each time you deal elemental damage, active for six seconds.

While it doesn’t seem devastating, you can stack and replay it every second with only two active at a time.

1. Festering Desire

Not only does it receive a reward as one of the most terrifying weapons in the game, but Festering Desire also handles key enhancements to the Xingqui build.

Another weapon that won’t blow you away in the attack damage department, 42 bases is enough to get you through high-level combat situations.

The 10% energy recharge includes the skill upgrades and burst usage you’re sure to have with your character, ensuring you’re never caught in a battle without firepower.

Festering Desire increases elemental skill damage by 16% while also increasing critical hit rate by 6%.

The two power-ups will make the character’s elemental attack much more powerful while dealing some heavy damage every now and then, this helps that both attacks stay focused on you.

For players who do not like to be involved in the front line and want to maximize their attack, Festering Desire is the best choice.

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