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Xavier Rarely Banned In MPL Season 9? Aura Tezet Explains Games

Analysts from the Aura Fire Tezet team explained why Xavier, who was so overpowered, still often left MPL Indonesia Season 9.

Xavier, one of the newest hero characters in Mobile Legends, is often used by players in ranked, classic or other modes. It can be seen that this Hero is the most frequently chosen by the players.

It’s only natural that he’s used a lot. That’s because Xavier has a very good combination of skills, during a match, he can provide instant crowd control which can later be completed with a large area of ​​damage.

In the MPL event itself, Aura Fire or rather FaceHungger has used this Hero Xavier. Its use is good enough to annoy its opponents.

Even though Aura Fire has proven its strength, in MPL itself Xavier is still rarely hit by tires, he is often just released. What is the real cause?

The Cause of Xavier Rarely Banned MPL Season 9 According to Aura Tezet

Analyst Aura Fire Tezet also gave an explanation regarding the rare occurrence of tires on Hero Xavier. He gave his explanation in an interview after leading his team to victory against Rebellion Zion.

According to him, this is because Xavier is a new hero, so of course MPL players are still fiddling with Xavier’s skills. This makes it less important to get banned

In addition, there are other heroes who are also fairly overpowered, such as Karina or others who are clearly more prioritized to be banned by MPL season 9 teams.

Moreover, he thought that Xavier could be defeated by the Assassins. Xavier who did not have the escape skill to escape, would not be able to escape. That’s why he’s often left alone.

“First, the Hero has just returned, so people are still trying, and now there are many OP heroes, like Karina, so people still want the previous OP heroes, Xavier will be countered with an assassin, for example,” explained Tezet.

Aura Fire deserves appreciation because they dare to play using Xavier, which is still relatively new and is still being studied by other teams. Their Xavier also seems deserving of a ban.

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