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WWE 2K22 Launch Huge Success, Elden Ring Remains Number 1

Who would have thought that the WWE 2K22 wrestling game was able to gain great success after almost so many years being a game that only WWE fans were interested in.

But WWE 2K22 managed to prove that in the first week of its release it managed to enter the ranks of the best-selling games, at least on the GSD digital charts.

This shows that WWE 2K22 became the most downloaded game in the UK over the past week. As well as making WWE 2K22 as one of the WWE 2K series with the most successful launches.

Compared to the previous series, WWE 2K20, which was released in 2022, sales of WWE 2K22 are said to have increased by 390%. So that WWE 2K22 has sold twice as much as the previous game.

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GSD also shared another detail that WWE 2K22 sales were dominated by digital which reached 72%, while 28% was physical.

The success of WWE 2K22 has also brought the game up to position 2 on the list of best-selling games in the UK. Beat other big titles such as Gran Turismo 7 which had to drop to third place, FIFA 22, and also Grand Theft Auto 5.

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Here’s the full list of the GSD UK Digital Top Ten:

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