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Wow, PS5 Will Have The Largest Exclusive Game Lineup In Playstation History!

Recently, Sony showed the physical form of PS5: The Future of Gaming some time ago, the PS5 also stole the hearts of gamers all over the world. Apart from its strong performance and elegant futuristic design, this console also already has a very promising lineup of exclusive games.

This generational transition is also a very important moment for Sony, because apart from offering the latest console features, they also have the ambition to offer the best game lineup. Through the latest podcast session on the PlayStation Blog, Eric Lempel, who is the global leader of PlayStation marketing, even said that the PS5 will have the largest line of exclusive games in PlayStation history.

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Lempel also said that many game developers would be very enthusiastic in offering quality exclusive games for the PS5. So starting from the initial launch later, over time there will be many quality exclusive games that will continue to be present every year.

Source : gamebox

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