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Wordle 272 Answer Key Today March 19, 2022

Wordle is a very popular word game today. Where you have 6 chances to answer a word for today. It can be said to find and remember vocabulary per day.

To play the Wordle game, all you have to do is visit the Wordle website at the following link: Link. Later you just play this game by filling the available boxes with letters.

There is also a way to play Wordle that you need to pay attention to as follows.

  • Gray if the letter you write is gray then the letter is not used in the desired word.
  • Yellow, if the letter you wrote is yellow then the letter is used in today’s word but is in the wrong position.
  • Green, if the letter you wrote is green then the letter is used in today’s word and is in the correct position.

Next, we will discuss some grids or hints for those of you who don’t want to be spoiled by today’s answers.

  • Hint 1: there is a letter W at the end of the paragraph
  • Hint 2: Have double letters.
  • Hint 3: Starting with the letter A
  • Hint 4: Related to asking for help

Here’s Wordle 272’s Answer today March 19, 2022

As is the habit of personal writers, always use the word “Horse” as a prefix, and immediately find the Letter O is the letter that is needed but in the wrong place.

Usually if Horse is all wrong, the writer has a habit of using the word Audio in the next word to open the existing vowels, and provide the next grid. and finds that A is in the right place, but O is still in the wrong place.

Then the only word that came to mind was “Atoms” and found that O was still in the wrong place, when it was clear that S wasn’t needed in today’s word. and other words are not needed.

The next word I tried was “Allow”, and it turned out that Allow was the word we were looking for today. So Wordle 272’s answer today March 19, 2022 is “Allow”.

Wordle’s Answer 272 Today March 19, 2022

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