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Why Should You Play with Heroes Popol and Kupa? This is the reason

Popol and Kupa is one of the hero released by Mobile Legends in 2022. Popol is the only one hero who have pets. Take on the role of Marksman in games, hero this is synonymous with ability push and burst damage. you can buy it at Unipin.

Popol and Kupa is a dangerous complete package. They can attack together in a fight. Kupa can be tanker at a time damage dealer for Popol. Even so, they still need core items like the other Marksman.

The Skills of Hero Popol and Kupa

popol and kupa build

Kupa is a wolf who helps Popol in the fight. Meanwhile, Popol is the handler. To know more about the characteristics hero here, watch skills which he has.

Passive Skill: Iceland Companions

Iceland Companions lets Popol earn extra damage if Kupa attacks the enemy. Kupa also receives Max HP and attributes from the handler. With skills With this passive, Popol can take care of Kupa when he is out of combat. Even if Kupa dies, Popol can summon him back by praying and waiting for Cooldown for 45 seconds.

Bit’em Kupa! (Skill 1)

With skills With this, Popol can order Kupa to bite the target. Previously Popol would throw the intended target with a spear. This throw can cause Physical Damage to the enemy. Not only that, Kupa’s bite also caused extra damage .

In Alpha Wolf mode, Kupa can cause effects stun on the target after striking fiercely. Even the enemy will feel the effect damage the big one. Alpha Wolf mode appears if hero use skills Ultimate.

With skills With this, Kupa can jump and attack opponents on the front line of battle. In Alpha Wolf mode, Popol and Kupa can lock enemies and corner them. Because it is equipped with a stun effect, Popol can freely attack the enemy.

Kupa, Help! (Skill 2)

Skills Another thing that Popol and Kupa has is help from Kupa. Popol can summon Kupa for the animal to protect him and give shield. Kupa can also attack enemies quickly and cause damage. In Alpha Wolf mode, Kupa can jump and cause effects knock on the enemies around them.

Popol’s Surprise (Skill 3)

Another ability Popol has is setting traps that can explode when enemies are nearby. The enemy will experience the effect immobilize. In addition, enemy movements will slow down due to the cold zone effect. Traps can be installed three times at the same time.

Ultimate Skill: We Are Angry!

Skills The ultimate possessed by Popol and Kupa is to be very angry for a long time. Kupa will become Alpha Wolf which is the key to achieve damage maximum. Players must use this skill correctly in order to attack the opponent optimally.

Strengths and Weaknesses of Hero Popol and Kupa

popol and kupa skin

Hero Popol and Kupa have advantages that you can use to win in battle. What are some of them?

One Hero Two Characters

One of the advantages hero this is having two characters that can be used to attack at once. That’s why Popol and Kupa became hero with unique characters and make your playing experience more exciting. Besides damage the resulting larger, the two can also protect each other.

Free from Ganking

ganking is a sudden attack by the enemy. Hero Popol and Kupa are practically free from this attack because both can detect approaching opponents. Kupa can also protect Popol well so that it functions as a tanker personal.

Flexible Role

Another advantage when using hero this is role flexible. Popol and Kupa can be Support, Tanker, or Marksman. Because of this ability, hero This is widely used in every game. Skills they can be lethal, support the team, or protect powerfully.

Unique Ultimate Skill

Skills The Ultimate owned by Popol and Kupa is unique. When activated, skills it gives buff on Kupa and make it bigger and stronger. In Ultimate mode, abilities hero this is hard to beat. The opponent must wait until hero no longer in Ultimate mode.

Open Map Ability

Popol and Kupa are known to have the ability open map like a hunter. Both of them can set traps that can make the opponent experience stun. Opponents can also be detected in folder making it easier to set traps in the right places.

In addition to the advantages, Popol and Kupa also have disadvantages that you need to be aware of when using this hero. Here are some of them:

Depends on Kupa

Popol relies heavily on Kupa in a game. If Kupa loses, Popol can only attack and use Basic Attack. To be able to return to action, players must wait for Kupa to come back to life. However, this takes quite a long time.

Complicated Play

Not all players, especially beginners, can use Popol and Kupa. The reason is, players must divide the focus on two characters at once. Therefore, you are advised to use the right strategy rather than directly attacking the enemy.

Low Damage

Although relative, damage Popol and Kupa’s output is lower than hero Another Marksman. Attack Speed ​​that is owned is not too fast. Because of that, hero This cannot be used as the main Damage Dealer in the team.

Has No Escape Ability

Popol and Kupa also have no escape abilities. Hero this is more to trap the opponent and ambush the opponent. However, due to the ability hero who can protect themselves make skills escape is not necessary.

Well, for those of you who want to play hero this, also use Popol and Kupa build items in order to be optimal in defeating the enemy. Get items by swapping diamonds after top up via UniPin. May be useful.

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