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What are the differences between Black Desert Mobile and PC? Check these 7 things!

In the State of Online Gaming 2022 research conducted by Limelight Networks, players games in smartphone or mobile currently beat the number of players on line on PCs and consoles. The reason may be simple, games in mobile can be played anywhere so that it is easier to use as a spare time filler.

This applies to most games. Not surprisingly, many developers are now providing a car version for the game. One of them is Black Desert Mobile which is a development of Black Desert for PC.

What’s the Difference Play Games on HP and PC?

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Before we discuss the differences between Black Desert Mobile and PC, now let’s first review what are the differences that can be felt from the two platforms. The first consideration is of course the display which can mean the width of the screen, resolution size, and available graphic details.

On a PC, of ​​course, these three things are more accessible. Especially if you play games with incredible detail. The wide screen will certainly help you when loot or look for enemies.

But on the other hand, playing games on HP can be more flexible. It doesn’t require a lot of buttons or gestures to play so the game can feel easier. Indeed, this is one of the advantages of playing on HP. It can be used anywhere and anytime more easily.

The last one, game mobile tend to provide more add-ons or additional items. As gamer true, of course the temptation to buy armorweapon, or skin will come anytime. But don’t worry, now portals like UniPin have made it easier for players to buy online on line.

How about you, which platform is your favourite? Let’s see the advantages of the version mobile and PC from Pearl Abyss’ Black Desert.

Black Desert Mobile and PC from Sisi Gameplay

To meet the needs of players for different platforms, Black Desert developers are starting to look at the market mobile in 2022. Games This MMORPG has gameplay different for mobile and for PCs.

If on a PC there are many buttons to do commands, it’s hard to do the same on games mobile. Command replaced with button for skills which can be touched when you want to use.

Well, to overcome the limitations commands, looks like Pearl Abyss decided to give an option autoplay on game mobile the. Unfortunately, not all players agree with this because it is considered to reduce the fun of playing. Although, autoplay what is offered is very qualified.

Shared Server on Black Desert PC

Almost all games on PC allows you to use shared servers and access the character even from a different server than the one you previously used. However, this feature is not available for games mobile Black Desert. You can only use characters from the server where you started playing and choose that character.

In-Game Enhancements

Black Desert has one feature in the game known as Enhancement. This feature provides an opportunity for players to increase the ability of the Attack Point and Defense Point of an item. By using Black Stone, Armor items can be increased up to +5 and Weapons up to +7.

On PC, it is not easy to use this Enhancement feature because there is a possibility of failure. Of course it would be very frustrating, because it had used the Black Stone which was considered valuable and still failed. But in version mobileEnhancement can be done more easily and will have no effect on durability items.

Again, many players who have played on PC before prefer Enhancement like on PC. However, the Enhancement feature is made differently for convenience gameplay for the players mobile.


Many know Black Desert PC as games pay-to-win. Because, there are many items that need to be purchased if we want to improve skills in certain parts of the game. For example, there are costumes or equipment that can make us last longer in the water—thus increasing our chances of winning.

But, Pearl Abyss as the developer games for Black Desert ensure that it will be minimized in version mobile. The abilities of the costumes will be reduced so that players don’t have to feel obliged to buy costumes to pass certain levels.

No Life Skill

This makes Black Desert Mobile feel incomplete when compared to the version mobile. If the player has to collect Knowledge to get additional Energy on the PC, this does not apply in this version mobile. Life Skills are also not available so players can focus on gameplay just.


black desert mobile guide

Black Desert Mobile gameplay it does seem to be made easier with simpler features. The reason is, many people play MMORPGs on their cellphones just to fill their spare time. In contrast to those who are usually more serious about playing on PC. Therefore, some features seem a little more complicated on a PC. Like when we have to increase the points of an item through Enhancement.

In addition, the Pearl Abyss also made games version mobile more pocket friendly with less added skills of costumes. Apparently, this is good news for the players games on line mobile.

Don’t worry, Black Desert Mobile Indonesia, which was released in 2022, also doesn’t require luxurious HP specs. Enough with Android 6.0 Marshmallow, 2 GB RAM, and 4 GB of free internal memory, you can already play download black desert mobile and play it on HP.

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