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Want to Win Using Moskov Mobile Legend? Know the Characteristics First

Want to try a Marksman fighter with deadly attack abilities? Moscow Mobile Legends could be a solution. If you’re the type of player who likes to gather strength at the beginning and fight it out at the back, Moskov can be an option. The latest build gives Moskov the ability to attack quickly plus damage big, but you have to be good at positioning for the attack to be effective.

Who is Moscow?

moskov mobile legends story

Moscow Mobile Legends had a terrifying history that influenced the type of power and the way he fought. Moskov used to be a human race fighter from the Wildsand clan who inherited the magical spear from his parents. Having become the leader, Moskov managed to expand the power of his clan. This made Kublai, the leader of the Thornwolf clan as well as the enemy of Wildsand, fearful of being rivaled.

When Moskov and some of his followers went hunting, Kublai massacred all the members of the Wildsand clan. Knowing this, many of Moskov’s followers fled. Traumatized and betrayed, Moskov slaughters his own followers with his spear and transforms into an Abyssal Demon and serves the Queen of Doom in order to seek revenge.

Moscow’s Main Skills

moskov mobile legends

Moscow Mobile Legends guide gave him a weapon in the form of a spear called the Spear of Quiescence which was also his nickname. This spear became part of several skills which became the mainstay of Moscow. here skills key that you can get every time you level up.

1. Spear of Quiescence (Passive)

Moskov’s mainstay weapon also acts as a passive basic skill. Moskov can launch attacks on enemies who are in front and behind in a short distance. Points damageit is between 0.54 and 1.1 times, depending on the level in the game. Perfect for cleaning lane and farmingespecially at the beginning.

2. Abyss Walker (Skill 1)

Abyss Walker fits perfectly with passive skills. Match the background Moscow Mobile Legends adventurethis skill helps you move quickly (blink). You can move places lightning fast in all directions before attacking with a spear.

The advantage? This first skill makes your attack power more powerful. In addition to the increased speed, the attack penetration power also increased by 20 percent. Abyss Walker lasts for three seconds, suitable for clearing lane rapidly.

3. Spear of Death (Skill 2)

The Spear of Death gives you the ability to inflict massive damage on the main target as well as the enemies behind it. Attack power increased by 140(+40 percent), and can hit the main target backwards (knock back). If behind your main opponent there is an enemy fighter, that fighter will experience stun for one second. Enough to launch multiple attacks.

Want a more powerful effect? Launch the Spear of Death when the opposing group is right in front turret or wall. When their bodies hit a hard surface after being hit by the Spear of Death, the stun period they experienced lasted for two seconds.

4. Spear of Destruction

A powerful spear throw became Moskov’s highest skill. He can throw a spear to deal Physical Damage of 480 points (+140 percent). The more enemies hit, the greater the Physical Damage from Moskov.

Build Items Moscow

moskov mobile legends build

So that your game is more effective, don’t forget to get Moscow Mobile Legends build 2022. Here are some recommendations for the latest items that you should get:

1. Swift Boots

Since Moskov is a little weak at the start, increase his speed with Swift Boots. This shoe increases attack speed by 15 percent and increases general speed by +40 points.

2. Raptor Machete

Raptor Machete will increase the impact of Moskov’s attacks when your team faces monsters. You can increase damage up to +50 points when using it to attack monsters. Physical penetration also increased by 15 percent so that the impact of the damage was even greater.

3. Scarlet Phantom

Scarlet Phantom will increase the impact of Physical Attack up to +30 points, plus Critical Chance by 25 percent and Attack Speed ​​up to 20 percent. If you successfully activate Critical Hit, your attack speed will increase by up to 30 percent.

4. Endless Battle

This is the Moskov Mobile Legend build that you must get when you are almost at the end of the game. With this item, you will get additions in various aspects, such as Physical Attack (+65 points), Movement Speed ​​(5 percent), Cooldown Reduction (10 percent), and Physical Life Steal (15 percent).

5. Berserker’s Fury

Berserker’s Fury makes your attacks more fatal by adding +40 points of Critical Damage and +25 points of Critical Change. Plus, when Moskov deals a Critical Hit, the impact of your attack will increase by 5 percent for two seconds.

6. Queen’s Wings

Queen’s Wings is the most powerful item that you don’t have to buy (depending on the situation). However, if you decide to buy it, you will get HP up to +1,000 plus +15 points of Physical Attack and Cooldown Reduction of up to 10 percent.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Moscow

moskov mobile legends character

Make sure to know the strengths and weaknesses of Moskov so you can determine the most appropriate playing strategy.


  • High attack speed
  • Perfect for the final phase of the game
  • Farming XP and Gold are faster
  • Suitable for destroying turrets with only Skill 1


  • Easy to die in the early stages of the game Mobile Legends
  • Whereit runs out fast
  • The attack range is short, it’s hard to determine the position quickly

Tips for playing Moscow GG

Already have it all Moscow Mobile Legend build and got all the skills? Here are some tips UniPin Blog so you can GG with Moskov.

1. Lots of Farming in the Beginning

When it’s still early in the game, don’t immediately attack. Focus first on getting Skill 1, then farming Gold as much as possible. Make sure to play safe at least up to Level 4.

2. Get Important Items and Skill 3

After passing Level 4, focus on getting Skill 3 and collecting important items. At least you must have items up to Scarlet Phantom. Use Skill 3 if you want to immediately open the fight.

3. Emphasize Position, Not Speed

At the end of the game, avoid attacking lustfully. Focus on determining the position so that you can target as many enemies as possible with one attack. Use Skill 2 to hit the opponent stun if pressed.

Moscow Mobile Legends gives you the advantage in attacking quickly. Be careful and collect a lot of Skill and Gold is the key so you can excel.

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