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Want to try playing Granger Mobile Legend? Learn the Characteristics!

Entering 2022, Granger Mobile Legends become one of the most powerful Marksman-type fighters. Combining his pistol and magic violin, Granger is capable of both short and long range attacks. Granger is also famous for his famous Burst Damage that is terrible even from the beginning of the game.

Granger has a uniqueness that makes it different from other Marksman. Learn about its characteristics before you try Granger.

Granger Background

granger mobile legends story

Granger’s unique combination of weapons turns out to be related to the background. Granger Mobile Legend story describes himself as a traveler as well as a poet in the Land of Dawn. Growing up in the Monastery of Light and having the choice of becoming a monastery servant or a Demon Hunter, Granger chose both.

Although carrying a violin, Granger was tone deaf. When playing the violin, the rhythm that comes out is not beautiful, but deadly. The sound of this violin then became a sign of his presence, causing fear in the hearts of his opponents. This combination of gun and violin is Granger’s weapon in all of his skills.

Granger’s Active and Passive Skills

granger mobile legends status

Granger Mobile Legends 2022 has a unique Skill that is visible from the passive level. Here are some you should know.

1. Caprice (Passive)

Caprice is the ability to fire six rounds from a pistol, with the sixth bullet dealing Critical Hit. The uniqueness of Caprice is that this skill operates without mana, making Granger able to use it often without having to wait too long. Unlike Lesley, a fellow Marksman, Granger does not need energy to fire his gun.

Granger’s 2022 character update also gives him the ability to automatically reload as long as you haven’t used up your sixth round.

2. Rhapsody (Skill 1)

Unlike Caprice, Rhapsody allows Granger to fire all the bullets in his gun at once. Rhapsody is an aggressive skill with large physical damage. If you continue to level up your fighter, Rhapsody can become a powerful Skill that can kill powerful enemies. However, Rhapsody does not offer a target lock function, so be careful when using it!

3. Rondo (Skill 2)

Rondo is a Skill to switch positions in an instant. In addition, Granger will also get an additional damage effect of up to 20 percent only with passive skills. You can use Rondo to get in and out of various zones or avoid enemies that are too strong before you are ready to face them.

4. Death Sonata (Skill 3)

This is Granger’s ultimate ability combining her violin with ranged attacks. With this skill, Granger can turn the violin into a kind of mini cannon containing three bullets. This shot produces Total Physical Damage up to 100 percent plus the ability to slow down the opponent’s movement by up to eight percent.

Amazingly, Death Sonata can penetrate the bodies of monsters and minions before hitting the opponent you are aiming for. The massive damage it deals is perfect for the late phase of the game.

Granger Main Item Build

granger mobile legends build

Granger Mobile Legend best build must support the ability to create Damage as well as increase speed because both are the main supporting elements of Marksman fighters. These are some of the items that you must collect from the start of the game.

1. Magic Shoes

You have to use Skill 1 and 2 often if you want to quickly GG with Granger. Magic Shoes must be the initial item because these shoes reduce time cooldown up to 10 percent.

2. Hunter’s Knife/Raptor Machete

These two items are important for farming in the forest, especially in the early stages of the game. You can start with Hunter’s Knife before moving on to Raptor Machete. You should get this item after the shoes so you can get the speed effect as well cooldown.

3. Blade of Despair

Blade of Despair is an item that increases Granger’s Damage ability. You can even increase Physical Attack Damage by up to 25 percent if your opponent is dying (below 50 percent blood). Because the price is quite expensive, you should have a Raptor Machete and a Bounty Hunter emblem so you can get it quickly.

4. Berserker’s Fury

Granger may not rely on speed, but you can increase the fighter’s Critical Hit by using Berserker’s Fury. This item increases the Critical Hit Damage level of each of your attacks by up to 30 percent.

5. Malefic Roar

Malefic Roar is Granger Mobile Legend item build highest. You can use it against Tanks that have very high defense. The damage it inflicts on the Tank’s shield can reach 40 percent.

Granger Advantages and Disadvantages

granger mobile legends skills

As a Marksman fighter, Granger certainly has its own strengths and weaknesses. Here are some of them.


  • Huge damage, especially from Burst-type attacks
  • Tend to be easy to control
  • Strong enough from the beginning to the end of the game, unlike other Marksman who tend to be weak at the beginning
  • Can send ranged attacks


  • Attacks are limited at the start because the number of bullets is low
  • Attack speed tends to be low
  • There is no target lock mode on the Skill so there is a risk of wasting bullets
  • Only rely on Skill 2 to escape quickly so it’s easy to get ambushed

Tips for GG Using Granger

granger mobile legends wallpaper

Maximize the unique characteristics of Granger by using several tips for playing mobile legends gg the following:

1. Make sure the item build is complete

Granger does have great damage, but her weakness can’t be covered without items. Granger Mobile Legend build You have to be complete from the start and in accordance with the movement of the level so that you can maximize the potential of this fighter. If your item is not complete until the final level, you will have difficulty using Granger.

2. Diligent Farming at the Beginning

Since it depends on the item, Granger is obliged farming a lot at the start. There’s no need to be tempted to continue using the Skill even without where because Granger’s bullet capacity is limited.

3. Must Understand Map

Granger should be a lot farming at the start without being ambushed by the enemy. Make sure you understand the map and lane in order to directly collect items without having to dodge or (forced) join the war.

4. Self-restraint While Chasing Enemy

Granger requires coordination, aiming skills, and good hand speed. You don’t need to be eager to chase the enemy to the back even though the Skills and items are complete. When ambushed, you may not necessarily be agile enough to escape or fight.

Granger Mobile Legends is one of the most unique Marksman. Make sure to understand the instructions above before you decide to choose it.

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