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Want to Rank Up Quickly? Choose 10 New Hero Mobile Legend Below!

Choose ML heroes just made up rank can’t be random! Although the list of new heroes is getting more and more tempting with their designs and characteristics, not all of them are suitable for quickly ranking up. Each class has a mainstay fighter that is more suitable for players who want to quickly rank up.

Anyone new hero Mobile Legend who can take you up the rankings lightning fast? Here are 10 of them, complete with classes.

1. Harith (Mage)

hero mage harith

Do you like heroes with agile and slippery characteristics? Harith is the answer. Combining active and passive abilities, Harith can run fast and jump up and down while sending damage which is quite large. In addition to having a Resilience of 70 percent depending on the number of opponents, Harith can also launch quite powerful attacks that reduce the Cooldown time of his opponents, making them recover longer.

Harith can also launch attacks from various directions using Synchro Fission. In addition, a fast running ability called Chrono Dash can create a shield while reducing the opponent’s Magic Power.

2. Kagura (Mage)

hero mage kagura

Still from the Mage class, Kagura is one of the Mobile Legend’s best heroes because it is difficult to find an opponent. Appearing with the characteristic of a magic umbrella, Kagura can throw the umbrella to launch an attack that you can’t ward off unless your hero has a Magic Defense item. Seeing his graceful movements, it’s hard to believe that this hero can deal massive damage with his umbrella.

Kagura can deal massive damage with just a throw of an umbrella in Skill 1. If she manages to reach Skill 2, she can attack and move places as fast as lightning, making the opposing team even more dizzy.

3. Leomord (Fighter)

hero fighter leomor

Don’t mess with Leomord! This horseman from hell is not only unique, but can also acquire new Skills while riding his horse, without even needing to make a transformation. The Phantom Charge and Phantom Stomp powers he gains while riding a horse are powerful weapons to tear apart the opposing team’s defenses.

What if he already got the Ultimate Skill? Leomord will get a bonus of 70 points for various aspects, such as Armor, Magic, and Speed. Besides being hard to kill, Leomord can refill his blood without returning to base.

4. Dyrroth (Fighter)

hero fighter dyrroth
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Dyrroth might be one ML 2022 new heroes most “sick”. Even though it is slow and has a rather weak defense, Dyrroth makes up for it with a terrible attack that has a large effect and is able to reduce the opponent’s defense. Dyrroth’s Ulti skill has a large effect and is able to kill other heroes near the target, making Dyrroth suitable as a supporter of team battles.

Because his defense is weak, Dyrroth is more suitable as an Assassin-type fighter even though his class is Fighter. You can use Dyrroth to finish off the opposing team’s back row when other fighters face the front row.

5. Grock (Tank)

hero tank grock

For those who like high-powered heroes and are suitable for opening team attacks, Grock can be an option. Made of coral and stone, Grock has Damage points of up to 300 even when still in Skill 1. The attack effect is suitable for opening up areas so that your team is not easily surrounded.

Grock’s Ulti skill is also quite terrible as long as you do it in the right place. For example, if you want to do maximum damage, aim your attack at the wall or turret. This will spread the Damage effect to other enemies around your target.

6. Minotaurs (Tanks)

hero tank minotaurs

Minotaurs is one of the ML Heroes This type of tank is suitable as a main fighter or supporter. The Minotaur is quite agile for the size of a Tank and is able to jump high before landing near the enemy, creating a stun effect that will silence the opponent for several seconds.

Minotaur is suitable as a “cleaner” at the beginning of the game, then a shield, and finally a protector and main attacker. Minotaur’s Ulti skill involves a powerful attack with a large Damage effect to surrounding enemies.

7. Karrie (Marksman)

hero marksman karrie

Unlike other heroes, Karrie has been counted as an “old” player in Mobile Legend. However, even though playing it is quite easy, Karrie is still dangerous because it combines the ability to attack and dodge with agility. As an agile long-range striker, Karrie can give a surprise effect to help the team.

For example, Karrie’s 1st Skill called Spinning Lightweel is able to reduce the opponent’s movement speed by up to 80 percent when released. Skill 2 not only increases the ability of this attack, but also increases Damage. Karrie’s agility lends itself to taking massive damage early in the tournament.

8. Claude (Marksman)

hero marksman claude

Claude is a Marksman that is both easy to play and the most destructive. He’s a bit difficult to play at the start because he doesn’t have any damage, but he can be dangerous if he already has Skill 2 and items like the Demon Hunter Sword. Claude’s advantage is in the speed with which the Ultimate Skill can kill the opposing fighter as fast as lightning.

9. Gusion (Assassin)

hero assassin gumon

Think Gusion is too weak to play in the team? Think again! Gusion doesn’t have big damage at the beginning. However, once he reaches Level 4 plus all the items, Gusion suddenly turns into a ferocious fighter, complete with a large Damage value.

Although the official class is Assassin, Gusion combines the characteristics of Assassin and Mage. Advanced players can even use Gusion to destroy Tank-style fighters.

10. Natalia (Assassin)

hero assassin natalia

Natalia is one Latest Hero Mobile Legend most often banned for being “too strong”. Natalia is suitable for you who play in forest or tall grass arenas because these environments support this character’s Stealth function. He can even kidnap opposing fighters by throwing smoke grenades beforehand.

Natalia can create massive damage when attacking enemies while using Stealth mode. The new version can now enter Stealth mode by simply “setting” the Ultimate Skill.

You can choose ML Heroes anything to make your game more fun. However, if your goal is to quickly rank up, this list can be a good start for hunting heroes.

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