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Want to Play RF Online? Check out these tips for those of you who are still beginners!

First released in South Korea in 2004, RF Online Classic originally called the Rising Force. Blend of science fiction and classic fantasy, this one game containssettings on a planet in the distant Novus system where magic and high technology coexist.

Like most MMORPG games, RF Online has a typical fantasy setting with a complete setting of magic with swords. On the other hand, this game also features the concept of Race vs. Race vs. Three-way race combined with futuristic technology such as mecha and nuclear weapons. With this interesting concept, it is not surprising that many people are interested in playing it.

In September 2022 ago, Netmarble has acquired the copyright from RF Online and announced that this game will soon be made in a mobile version. For now you can Download RF Online and play it via PC.

Getting to Know More about Game Concepts in RF Online

rf online classic

For those of you who are interested in trying to play RF Online, before downloading you must first understand the concept developed by CCR. Please read in full the following important points!


As with other MMORPG games, you will be asked to choose one race and defeat monsters to earn points experience. RFO consists of different types of monsters in each area. At the start of the game, the character will be guided by using basic commands.

After that, the character has to deal with a series of quests that will make you familiar with the character you have chosen. As the character progresses in each level, the quest will take you to an aggressive map where you will find features killing or murder.

Important Terms in the Game

It is no less important to know are the terms used in the game. Check out some of them below!

  • Hit Point (HP) is the most important status that shows your blood status. Usually this is displayed in the form of a red bar
  • Force Points (FP). Displayed in the form of a blue bar, FP indicates capacity force what you have
  • Stamina Points (SP). SP is used when running, using boosters and activating certain skills
  • gauge. This bar affects your grounding ability, blocks and your ability to dodge attacks
  • All attack abilities that can be used include skillspotions, armor, weapons to accessories
  • Points. The value of the percentage of experience you have to be able to move to a higher level. Now available levels up to 80
  • This term refers to the attack accuracy possessed by each character.

class RF Online

In RF Online there are 3 choices of nations with various classes in it. The nations and their classes are:

  • This nation is considered the most suitable for novice players because it has a balanced physical and magical strength. There are lots of classes in Bellato, including Armor Rider which is the main highlight
  • Similar to the Bellatos, Cora has a taller physical appearance. Some of the superior classes of this nation are Templar, Grazier and Adventurer
  • Accretia is a nation of robots who cannot use magical powers. The main class of this nation is the Launcher (a descendant of the Ranger).

Apart from the nation and classyou also have to choose Online RF jobs according to your preferences in order to win the battle.

Players vs. Player

Unlike most games of the same genre, RF Online focuses more on Player vs. Player or PvP. Partial HQ only race and certain portal points that are claimed to be safe areas from race opponent. Based on regulation defaultmember race Opponents can join the battle at any time in the aggressive map. Player from race The same is not allowed to fight each other except for an item called Chaos Potion.

Battles between players of the same race can also take place during a special competition called the Guild Circle Zone Scramble. These battles are also known as Guild Wars.

Tips for Playing RF Online for Beginners

online rf class

After knowing the concepts and some terms in the game, it’s time to start the game. So that you can immediately level up and win the battle, consider the following important tips!

Understand the Strengths and Weaknesses of Each Nation

In addition to understanding various important terms in the game, you also have to know various things related to the nations in RF Online. As previously mentioned, there are 3 nations or race that can be selected namely Bellato, Cora and Accretian.

Each race have special character sub-classes to play with. There is something called warrior, ranger and specialist. The Accretian Empire, for example, relied heavily on technology, so they lacked access to magic. On the other hand the Cora Alliance used magic and technology but relied more on offensive magic. Meanwhile, Bellato uses magic but relies more on technology for light and magic for support. By understanding the character of each raceyou can determine which one best suits your playing style.

Do Quest Only from Level 1-33 When Playing RF Classic

Please note that the RF Classic game does not provide weapon return for new characters. This rule is still in effect since the game was released. That is, you will only get weapons from drop monsters and it depends on your luck. Therefore, you should only do Quests from the beginning to level 33.

After reaching level 33, it’s time for you to start leveling. Some of the ways you can do it are to go to the Forest Crawler Map (Bellato people), Drizzle Vale Map (Cora people) and fight the Snatcher monsters.

Up to level 40 you can do hunting. But keep in mind that you should not hunt alone, try to have party. If you have reached level 4o, go straight to Vulcano by buying stones.

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